Friday, March 27, 2009

As the fortune cookie said

Fortune cookies have odd ways of speaking to you.

Remember New Year's? Sure it did get better, but then it got a whole lot worse.

The other day I got one that told me, "No one can walk backwards into the future."
It was a nice reminder. Very true.

Of course, I was telling my mother how I collect fortune cookie fortunes. I always mean to incorporate them into a piece of art, but never do. Well, she points out two fortunes on the ground. I decide to not pick them up, but my husband makes a mad dash for one. He brings it over to me, and he says, "I think this was meant for you."

It says, "Some people never have anything except ideas. Go do it."
Also very true... always ideas, and never fullfilment. Yet I never give up.

Of course, isn't that the goal of the fortune? Make it work for any potential reader? Make it apply universally to as many people as possible? Oh well. I still like them.

In other news...

I talked to my primary care physician about my diet. He was concerned about my vitamins. A couple bloodtests later, I find out that my Vitamin D is low. Shouldn't have came as much of a surprise I guess... PCOSers, like me, tend to have lower Vitamin D levels. Not to mention the whole vegetarian/lactose intolerant/never goes out in sunlight thing... Darn. I thought my prenatal had it covered. Of course, a Vitamin D defieciency is bad for fertility... so let's just throw that up on my craptastic chalkboard.

Repeat loss consult coming up Monday. I wonder what Dr. BlowsSunshine will say... Probably something annoying optimistic even given the crappy purpose of the entire appointment. I have a feeling I'm going to pay $300 for this (not including the cost of the blood tests), and still get no answers. Hmmmmmmmm.

The husband and I are considering giving seafood a try. Just to see if it helps. If it doesn't, then we can just switch back to not eating any meat ever. I don't know if I can do it though... I really don't. The mere thought of it repulses me. Not to mention, vegetarians who start eating meat typically get sick from it, because their bodies aren't used to digesting it. If we do, it will be all sorts of unpleasant. My husband thinks it will be okay, his exact words, "I might throw up the first time, but eventually it would be okay." Yeah. I am still completely indecisive. In his mind, it's a done deal. In my mind, not only am I flip flopping, my stomach is churning in accordance.

Spoiler alert,

For Show and Tell this Sunday I am going to share photos from my hiking expedition.
Stay tuned for more ramblings; coming to you soon, like, in the near future.


Kristin said...

I love the idea of using fortunes for an art project. Hmmm, maybe gluing them into a fortune cookie shape?

Good luck figuring out the diet issues and getting your vitamin levels straightened out.. Have you thought about using textured vegetable protein as a substitute for meat? One of my vegetarian friends uses it a lot. You should check out her blog. Every Monday she posts her vegetarian menu plan for the week (often with links to recipes.

Celia said...

I did not throw up, but I had a very hard time eating plain meat. I still do. There is no way I could eat steak. It has to have other things for me to think about.

Michelle said...

Wow I never knew that about Vitamin D. I am going to have to talk to my doc about that. Thanks.

WiseGuy said...

Looking forward to the hiking photos!

Fortune Cookies...hmmm... I have never tried one...but there's fortune teller feature on Orkut, and I never bother to read it.

Seafood is yum. Try it!

And ye Vitamins...get marching. Now!

Anonymous said...

Vitamin D can be pretty important (like helping other essential parts of our bodies work important). Fish should not bother you too much, it has a lot of protein and Omega oils which are good for your brain!! yay brain. It's light and not heavy like chicken or red meats, I had something else to say but i forgot.

Maybe i am a totally selfish human for saying this but....We *humans* are at the top of the food chain, just like bears, they are also up there, they eat fish and have no regrets about it.