Thursday, April 16, 2015

April Fools late

About two weeks ago I noticed some signs that made me pause, and wonder, if I might have been ovulating. A few days ago I had some pains, originating from my right ovary, that made me wonder if I had... or if I just had another cyst, a la PCOS. The morning we were leaving for vacation, I woke up seeing red.

What. the. hell?

In the past 12+ years my body has done a lot of nothing. I can count, on one hand, the times I have knowingly ovulated on my own. But hey, now that I'm not trying, still nursing twins, a complete hormonal mess, back to my old (heavier) weight, and the very idea of another baby scares the beejesus out of me... yeah, sure, LET'S OVULATE. And time the cycle to start exactly the day you're leaving for vacation.

Thanks Body, you're so funny

I am left completely confused.