Tuesday, February 25, 2014

OB appointment-

Blood pressure and all that was fine. I requested a cervical length check so they sent me down for that, I just wanted to be safe since I wouldn't be getting another one with MFM. The scan showed it was 3.9cm this time, which is good- however, it was 4.7cm two weeks ago. My OB wants me to have it rechecked in two weeks and she told me to take it easy. It could just be the difference in machine/tech, but better to play it safe. She said I could come back there, but we'll request MFM check again since we see them in two weeks anyway. And if they won't for some reason I'll just call her back up and try to get in there.

The babies had good heart beats via ultrasound, although we couldn't really see them since it was so zoomed in on hearts. They were moving and partying it up though, according to the tech. They were giving her a hard time, but not too bad.

In the waiting room I had my first "When are you due," comment, followed by an eye bulge today. I guess I'm getting pretty big. I explained to the lady I was carrying twins, and she said, "Oh, I was gonna say..." Mmmhmmm. Okay then. Assuming we can keep these babies cooking for a long while yet, this is going to get pretty interesting. I've gained like 40lbs already (only gained 26 with V). I look like I'm 30wks pregnant, if I compare photos to his pregnancy too.

I'm really exhausted all the time now. I can barely find the energy to get basic stuff done most days and I hurt all over. I went to the maternity store after the appointment to get a few necessities, we were maybe there a half hour... it wiped me out completely. I had to buy a maternity support belt, at the suggestion of my OB, because my lower abdomen feels like it's tearing up and hurts all the time. The belt is nice, I just have to be careful not to overuse it. I honestly never felt like this with V even at full term, I'm really worried about how I'm going to finish this pregnancy. I'm take it super easy as it is, but I guess I need to tone it down even more.

MFM in two weeks. I think I need to take a Tylenol and get some rest now.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I had went back to buy a little more fabric for the second blanket but walked in on a major fabric sale. I actually wish I had bought more, the deals were amazing. I did end up buying enough fabric to make two extra minky blankets, plus some cuddle fleece to make some cuddle blankets. Not bad for the price, and I was happy with how things turned out. I got more of the robot fabric (it's just so fun/cute) I made two of those. I also bought two bird/tree fabrics that I liked. They would have went wonderfully with V's nursery, and since the twins are going to be getting his room (brown/blue) and probably the same theme, it'll do nicely for them too!
The minky blankets went a lot smoother since I made the first one. I used this tutorial to give me an idea of how to approach it, but did what worked best for me. I made the hem bigger on the first one, but that made things sloppy for me so I actually made it much smaller on the others. It went much better. I'm still not the best at sewing a straight line, but it's close enough. I'm really happy with them. They seem solid, and they are sooo soft. The bottom is a bubbled minky fleece and the top is actually cozy flannel. In the end it was cheaper than buying these types of blankets from the store (especially with the sale price) and I was able to really personalize them too. Not bad!

I'm also working on two crochet blankets. I wanted more vibrant colors than what I usually do, so I picked out a dark plum and teal. I'm working on the plum currently, and while I've got a fair bit done it feels slow going. Sewing blankets goes so much quicker, I managed to make two in under an hour. Crocheting can take days, weeks, even months, depending on how aggressive you're being. It's worth it, but sometimes I get distracted from completing the task or I get tired/bored.
The pattern I'm using I found here, and it's the same one I used to make others before (including V's). It's hard to see from the photo, so I shared another photo of one I did in years past. I really like it, but it takes a lot more focus than the basket weave pattern I use (made some for friends/families babies, it's my other go-to pattern). It would probably go quicker if I used that pattern, but I really love the way this shell one looks when it all comes together.

I'm trying to pass the time, and this helps. We're getting closer and closer to viability, but I still get anxious... I'm trying to stay positive and reminding myself that things look good though.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anatomy scan-

The scan went pretty well. From what we could see, the babies were alright. We however could not get all the shots because the babies were not cooperating and positioned weird, so they'll try to get the rest next month. Baby A was pretty cooperative, as usual, but Baby B was all over and messing with us. Baby B is transverse, and Baby A is head down- basically they have their feet together, all the better to have kick wars. Which we got to watch again today, and yes I thought it was adorable.

Baby B was 11oz and Baby A was 10oz so they're both still measuring ahead. My cervix was nice and long, so that's promising! At this stage it should be 3-5cm and mine was 4.7cm even when they pressed on my lower abdomen to apply pressure to it. I don't think they'll be doing more cervical length checks, but my OB may give me more for peace of mind. For now things look good though.

For some reason when they gave me the disc with photos on them it was just of Baby B, so I was a little disappointed in that. It was two good profile shots of Baby B, but I would have liked at least one of Baby A. I think I'm going to call them about it, or at least mention it at the next appointment. I just worry that if something goes wrong, I won't have that... if that makes sense?

Here's my favorite of Baby B.

We're 18 weeks and 5 days today, so about halfway done (19wks is halfway to 38wks, which I won't be going past). There's a good chance they'll come earlier than that of course, since average gestation is 35wks with two. We'll see. We have about 5 more weeks until "viability" now. I see my OB in 2 weeks, and back to the MFM in 4.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Almost 18 weeks, progress updates

I'll be 18 weeks tomorrow, which means 6 weeks until "viability." Not a guarantee, but the next major milestone for me. It helps that it falls on the start of spring, and let me tell you I am counting down to that too. We are snowed in, and I am so sick of this winter already. I stalk the weather forecast like a hawk leading up to each appointment, worried I'll have to cancel.

My anatomy scan is Tuesday and I am anxious to see how the babies are doing, how they're growing. We're still not planning on finding out what they are, and very at peace with that decision. I am feeling more pops from Baby A, and I think I felt some from Baby B the other night. It's a start, and it definitely helps ease my anxiety. My doppler helps too, although sometimes it's really hard to find them because they hide. Hopefully things will look good, and everything will continue progressing smoothly.

I am feeling huge, and gaining everywhere. It's so hard switching from my weight loss mindset to "gain all the weight!" I'm definitely not restricting myself, I probably could eat healthier, and I am gaining a lot. But so are the babies. Whatever it takes to beef them up though. I can always lose weight again.

I made a blanket for one of the babies and intend on making a second, I just have to wait until I can get back out to buy more fabric. Darn snow storm last night has us beat. Anyway, I liked the Robot pattern for a girl or a boy and couldn't resist. It was adorable. It was my first time sewing a blanket, and I had a few things to learn but I think the next one should go smoother. I do plan on crocheting one for each of them eventually too. Sewing is much quicker though!

I'm still getting bruises from my Lovenox, which is to be expected. I think it's worse when I do them on the front of my belly. Part of me wonders if it's because that's where most of my stretch marks are. Maybe it's just a bad area. The love handles are still my friends, at any rate. It's a little hard to get to them now though. I am rather sick of my the injections, but I'm more than happy that I have a reason to keep doing them.

So, all seems to be going well. I'll update after our appointment next week.