Tuesday, March 3, 2015

8 months out

The little misses are eight months. Life is still very full, with moments of intense crazy.

J is a mover. She wants to be mobile; she even started crawling full on the other day! She still prefers squealing, screaming, and whining, to attempts at vocalization. Lots of squealing.

G is a talker. She makes all sorts of noises, babbles, and mimics us. Her latest thing is to blow kisses, she is also trying to clap. She does a sort of lunge, plummet, crawl thing, the same Vincent did before he crawled.

They both are eating some solids (purees and puffs) now, but mostly nursing. Neither have teeth yet. Vincent got his first at 8 months, and according to my baby book I didn't get one until 9 months. The girls can take after me, I am FINE with that. J likes to bite.

Speaking of teething, V is cutting one of his last "two year" molars. Poor kid.

He is.... sigh. We have things to work on. He is awesome, but we have a lot of issues with disobedience and jealousy still. We are addressing it, but it's going to take time. He knows he's been able to get away with certain things because of the babies and my limitations, but we're working harder at consistency now.

I am still struggling a lot, in general. Even eight months out I am still in survival mode, and I'm starting to wonder if it will ever get "easier." Or manageable. I wish I had more help and support.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Medical Shenagians

My ridiculous skin rashes are still a mystery. My doctor said that my skin looks really irritated (it's actually not bad right now), she thinks it's contact dermatitis (ezcema), but that she really can't say why I have it. She did say it usually gets better and goes away. Except mine had progressively gotten worse since 2009, with just past Christmas this year being the worst when it went all the way up my arms. She reviewed my allergy panel, asked about detergents and cleaning things, said it may just be hormonal, and ran a little blood work. I had to get my TSH rechecked so I can get a refill on my thyroid medicine, but she also ran a B12 and- here's a laugh- FSH, LH, and estradiol. Oh, my old friends, we need to stop running into each other. She said she doesn't think it's autoimmune, but I keep wondering given my losses and other issues.

She urged me to hydrate more, and to keep doing everything I'm doing. I use Hydrocortisone cream when it's bad, lather up with coconut oil, take Benadryl as needed... sometimes that helps. If I'm lucky. I use lotion every day. Petroleum jelly, Aquafor, or A&D ointment before bed as needed. I changed my dish and hand soaps, I use hypoallergic stuff mostly, I stopped using commercial cleaners, use gloves for dish washing, I haven't changed my detergent but I have a known allergy to Tide and never had a reaction to this one that I've known... still, I may change that soon to see if it helps.

It gets worse when cleaning, even just dusting, but my allergy panel came back negative for dust or pets. I joke and say, "I'm allergic to cleaning!" but seriously... I have no idea what this is. Maybe it's this old house.


My other recent issue was my brilliant idea to get an IUD. It seemed like a good choice, it had progesterone so I wouldn't have to worry about inducing a bleed every few months (because of the endometrial cancer risk, due to PCOS and anovulation), plus I wouldn't have to worry about an unplanned pregnancy which given my health (with recurrent loss issues), finances, and general sanity would be bad. It would have lasted 5 years and by then we could take permanent measures, or went for #4 (A has mentioned it, not joking. Crazy pants).

Well, that's when the trouble began. I got it put in and bled until the day I got it out... almost 4 months. It wasn't just that, I could still feel it. I was constantly aware of it's presence. They checked on ultrasound and it was fine, it was positioned correctly, but it was slowly driving me bat shit crazy. It hurt, I was cramping off/on, and bleeding. My OB urged me to give it 6 months for my body to adjust, but I was losing my mind. I was getting agitated, snapping more, yelling more, I wanted to scream. I wanted to rip the thing out. I had no patience with the children. My depression got INFINITELY worse. It was bad. I finally made the call to have it removed.

One of the strings had gotten up in my uterus and wrapped around the IUD, but it came out easily. I felt so much better right away. I wasn't nearly as agitated, the change in my mood was amazing. While still depressed, it has lightened and I feel more productive. I'm feeling a lot better, not quite as overwhelmed (although still very busy with the children and exhausted). I don't know what it was about the IUD that affected me like that: physically something about it, or me, or just a giant head game, but I'm glad that's over. I will never do that again.


So that's what's been on my medical plate. My hair has changed, my body is changing, and I need to adjust to this new normal. I'm still nursing the twins. And mostly just trying to deal with these damned rashes.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

7 Months


Sometimes I forget how much I love photography. Eventually I would like to devote more time to studying my camera and practicing.

The girls turned 7 months on my birthday. I turned 30. I'm still cool with that.

A's grandma passed away a couple days later, unexpectedly. We had just saw her a few weeks ago. She had missed V's birthday party and told us she had a card and had misplaced it. They found it the day after she passed... which was bittersweet, but I am glad we have that card to set back for V.

I'm still working on some of my issues; I see my doctor next week. I'll post more about that later.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


They had the meeting and A's job is safe "for now." They decided to keep his department, but for how long... we are really sick of the job uncertainty of late, I can tell you that. A will continue looking for another job, but for now things should be okay. I am still going to tread water like they're not. I just don't trust the company he works for.

I still need to get into the doctor and get myself taken care of at some point here.

The kids are a hand full. ADORABLE ENERGETIC HANDS FULL. I love them. I'm tired. The girls are both scooting backwards, going in circles, and starting to prop up onto hands/knees. They steal thing from each other a lot more. J is devouring solids, G still thinks that anything other than the b.oob is blasphemy. V likes to tell me, "NO," and "Go away!" He is 3 going on 13. His vocabulary is exploding, we have some interesting conversations (mostly about dinosaurs and alligators).

My birthday is Friday. Still not really feeling it. We are planning on going out to lunch, then later dinner at a specific kids' play place restaurant. I went there as a kid, and for many years now I have joked about going there for my 30th birthday... I have been told that I have to go now. I'm sure V will love it, hopefully I will too.

Some day soon I will have a real post. I hope. I started a lot of posts and abandoned them in the past couple months. I would love to start blogging about other things, it's just hard right now.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Breathe in, breathe out.

We're still here, though I'm still very much in survival mode. My depression returned, and we've just hit a rough patch, and well, life can just be messy sometimes. The kids are all (currently) well. J does seem to be of a sensitive disposition, as she had a fever for almost 6 days over something (apparently) viral with no other symptoms. It started on V's birthday, and lasted through New Years, with a trip to her doctor. She also frequently boycotts sleep and has days/nights reversed, so that's rough. G is the easiest baby I've had, she falls asleep on schedule every night and sleeps until dawn. I keep joking that if all my babies were like G, I would have wanted 10. V is doing well, still high spirited, and recently turned 3 (!).

V's birthday was complicated by a sick baby, but his party went fine. The night before J kept us up all night, I had maybe 4 hours of sleep. A family member caused a lot of drama the morning of the party, which ended with us terminating the relationship after all was said and done. The party itself was great, V had so much fun seeing everyone. Later that night I was so tired I washed a pacifier and tried to give it to V, when I meant to give it to J. Then later I poured maple syrup in his milk, when I meant to pour chocolate.

I am beyond exhausted.

A found out a bit of bad news on Christmas Eve: he may lose his job in the coming months. They are talking about terminating his entire department and going a different route. He's been there for 8.5 years, and his job is our sole source of income. I have considered looking for a job, but it would be counter productive at this time- if I had a job we would need daycare for 3 children, and my milk supply would take a hit (I'm sure), which would mean buying formula for two babies. For now, A is looking and applying for jobs, while considering returning to school. He has already had a few interviews, but it's not going well because he never finished his degree. We are saving money and doing what we can. If worse comes to worse, we will evaluate our options with me working, even if that means other shifts.

We are trying to be proactive without borrowing worry right now. He may not lose it, he may keep his job until April, he might be fired tomorrow, we have no idea. I just wanted to make it through Christmas and V's birthday, and make them a good one- we'd already bought everything, so it was all taken care of at least. At least that hurdle is over.

My birthday is at the end of the month; I'll be turning 30. It feels like I should probably do something important for that, or care more, but all I can muster is a half-hearted, "Meh." Maybe I'll reflect more on that later.

My depression hit hard a few weeks before Christmas. I am considering going back on medication. I also have some other issues going on that are probably contributing to it, and I wonder if I can clear them up, how much that would help.

I have a persistent rash on my hands, I've been dealing with it since 2009 (has gotten worse every year since) but my PCP initially said it was dry skin so I never went back. It is not dry skin, or at least it's not just dry skin. It gets worse, and only seems to get better with Benadryl and Hydrocortizone cream. No amount of lotion, Coconut Oil, or Aquafor was helping. It goes from the back of my hands to the underside of my arm, to my elbows. It burns. It comes and goes. I'm thinking it's eczema, immune issues, or sensitivity to chemicals, and/or food allergies. The rash is always worse before bed. The dry skin makes it break open all over my hands/knuckles, so it feels like hundreds of little paper cuts sometimes. I have a problem of not going back and speaking up when I get blown off by a doctor. I know I have to advocate for myself, but it's hard sometimes.

The other issue is really that of my own doing. I decided to get an Mi.rena put in. I know the odds of me conceiving are low, but I wasn't willing to take chances (knowing my plate is already too full) so I got one. It would also have negated needing to take progesterone every few months for the withdraw bleed, due to my typical anovulation. Unfortunately, I have been spotting and bleeding since mid-October now, cramping off/on. It is really getting to me. I want it take out, but I also don't want to make the drive, pay the money, or go through the pain of having it removed. My OB wants me to give it six months for my body to adjust, but I honestly don't want to deal with this for three more months.

There are other stresses, but I've already bored you with enough. I am just in a funk and things have been harder for me than I'd like to admit. I'm hoping that as this year goes on, we can get things back on track. There are a lot of things I'd like to get started for the new year... a daily schedule for my own benefit, and V's, or making more things at home to save money, maybe writing again or finding more 'me' time. I don't know. I just know that I need to turn things around.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

5 months

We are still here... it's still crazy... but we're still making it through each day, so I can't really complain. The girls are 5 months old today. We are still nursing. J is still my fussy one, and had even further regressed with sleep. I don't know if it's because she's teething (I see two teeth buds on the bottom), or something else is going on, but whew. WHEW. I just can not recover here.

I did Holiday photos the other day... I thought some turned out nice, I'll share a couple here. Most of them were photobombed by the cats, but eh. Good enough, hahaha. The cats are family too, so it works... right?

Friday, November 14, 2014

Kids, life, and all that

Thanks for all the kind words on my last post. Things are still very hard, but every day we get through is... well, another day we get through!

The girls turned 4 months a couple weeks ago now. They've grown so much. J is rolling a lot, and G is a grabber. G is almost an inch and 2lbs more than J now, she loves to eat and sleep. J is our wild child, she is wiry and fierce. By the end of this month I'm going to have to move G into 6-9 month clothes, J has been about a month behind wardrobe switches so she'll probably make it until mid-December before she needs to. They babble a lot, and notice each other more each day. They love V, he amuses them to no end.

They had their first Halloween, it was cold and wet so we stayed in and passed out candy. V enjoyed going door to door with daddy though. J was Supergirl, G was Batgirl, and V was Spiderman- my superhero troupe.
J and G

We've went to the zoo a lot in the past couple months; V asks to go every single day but it's a bit of a drive and always quite the ordeal! We've been going about once every week or two though. It's really nice to get out of the house, and there's no comparison for how happy it makes that kid. Now that it's cooler we won't be going for awhile. He plays pretend at home though, he sets up his own little zoo and pretend dinosaur boat ride, and he has to show me. We have to go through his little zoo. He has quite the imagination.
V & the T-rex

V does throw a lot of tantrums, makes a lot of messes, and can be a handful. He doesn't focus very well still, has poor listening skills, and he is very independent. By that I mean he wants to just run off and explore, and isn't afraid of anything (except large stuffed costume characters). He is an unstoppable force. He can be very focused, when he chooses to be. He tests boundaries like it's his business, and business is good right now. He's doing so much better than when the girls first came home, but it's still chaos. I feel like we're doing okay most days, but some days I just feel like a failure. Hopefully as we keep working on things it will improve.

He has been having night terrors about 1-3 times a month, and those are really disconcerting. He hasn't had one for a few weeks (knock on wood) and I hope it stays that way. He usually starts screaming, "Nooooooo!" or, "Mommmy!" and thrashing for a good 10-30 minutes, just screaming and crying in his sleep. After I learned how to deal with them it's gone better, the first few times we tried to wake him because we didn't know what was happening. Now I just turn his nightlight on and talk softly to him, and it's over on the quicker end of the spectrum. There is a family history on both sides, so he was at higher risk for them. They suck so much though. The fewer we have to deal with, the better!