Monday, April 1, 2013

Cycle 3 and random stuff-

My baseline was clear, and I've already taken the first dose of Clomid today. If this month doesn't work, I'll probably give Femara a whirl next month for the hell of it. 7.5mg wasn't the best for me, but my new RE said she sometimes goes as high as 10mg (implied: hint hint). I'll have to check into pricing though. I think my stubbornness over Clomid stims from two things- more follicles, and I did get pregnant from it once. Or I could just be old and set in my ways?

Either way, 200mg worked great last time around so hopefully it will again. I'm on Dexamethasone still, and will be even if we switch to Femara. And by worked great, I mean I responded, even if I didn't get pregnant. Yay for ovulating at least; sometimes that is such a HUGE battle.

I'm trying to call around and find out about pricing of the HCG trigger. Walmart told me they don't carry it and it's not in their system, and they couldn't find out the price. I don't think the girl even knew what she was doing, and I've heard from others that they've got theirs there... maybe my Walmart is just that off the radar though? So, more calling around. One of the nurses came up while I was talking to nurse L about calling around, and she told me that I'm not going to find it any cheaper. Personally, I'd rather be the one to decide that. No harm shopping around, it's not like I'll need the damn thing tomorrow. So she stood and argued with me, and I said that's fine, but I still want to shop around. God forbid I stray from the herd.

Other than that, I've spent the say calling and paying bills, straightening things out with my insurance. Ah yes, my new insurance. How I loathe them. They've denied every claim that's went through them, even my son's recent lab work, citing that we have other insurance. Which we don't. So, that's cleared up and hopefully they'll finally issue out payments. But, GAH. Seriously? I really don't like this new insurance. I am so glad we have coverage, because we've done without, but this has been such a headache.

I finally got a call back about setting up an appointment with the back specialist. I'm still getting tingling in my hump on my back. I should probably call the back and schedule that.

Oh, and the weekend was crazy. CRAZY. I am so exhausted. But it was good, and we had fun. The carrot cake was divine. DIVINE I tell you! I need a break now though, because good gracious the work involved to get through this weekend.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Hopefully this will be totally unnecessary (because this Clomid cycle will work), but thought you'd love to know that Femara went generic back when I was trying to get pregnant with my son. I TECHNICALLY got pregnant on that (not actual Femara) because my pharmacy switched it on me. I don't remember the exact price difference, but it was pretty substantial. Every little bit helps, right?

Celia said...

day three. blech. Mine was just spotting til today. So I guess today is CD1 for real. I am popping advil and tylenol and trying to stay on top of things. Three hours til Scott gets home and I can curl up with a hot pad. ughhh. Have you ever seriously considered moving to a state with mandatory coverage? If I remember I will give you my carrot cake recipe and you can do a taste off. If there is a better one than mine I am both tempted and leery. ahaha.

OMG small children plus cramps is SUPER AWESOME. owww.

AnotherDreamer said...

Thanks Aspiring, I hope so too! And that is great news about the generic :)

Celia, BAKE OFF! I found mine online and tweaked it some (replaced some oil with applesauce). It is so moist and delicious. And all gone. Both cakes. LOL It's actually cycle day 4, but I just realized the post title is weird... I meant that it's the third cycle TTC. I am so not with it today.

I had considered moving for benefits at one point, but the logistics of moving and getting set up were impossible for us back then, and still are.

Rebecca said...

Hoping you can find the injection at a good price.

MrsSpock said...

I had to pay out of pocket for my Femara this time. I am on 5 mg, and a 5 day dose was $155.

AnotherDreamer said...

MrsSpock, youch! Was the brand name or generic? Did you shop for prices at all? If we do decide to use it, I don't think my insurance will cover it (they are ridiculous with the prior authorization on crap)... maybe I should just stick with Clomid, I got 200mg for $32 at Walmart.

AnotherDreamer said...

Thanks Rebecca. I don't think I will, but it's worth a shot :)