Friday, March 29, 2013

Long weekend ahead-

My friend and her baby stayed for a few days this week and left yesterday, so things were a little hectic here! Whew.

Cycle day one came right on schedule. I have a baseline set up for Monday, bright and early. Hopefully things will look clear and we can forge ahead.

I spent most of the day doing things around the house, none of which included my jog. Ugh. Maybe tomorrow? Yes. TOMORROW. Note to self: no excuses. Ahem, anyway... I put a coat of wax on the table I was refinishing, I sewed some more on My Star Trek skirt of geekness, I finished the baby blanket last night for my brother, I made carrot cake and cream cheese icing from scratch (to take to my mother's tomorrow)... I am exhausted. Still gotta get the laundry together so we'll all have something to wear tomorrow...

Then tomorrow, after my mom's I have another carrot cake to make for my mother-in-laws on Sunday. I offered to make them both, so I have only myself to blame... but I was craving carrot cake, and would rather take it for a crowd, than crowd it all in my tummy.

Mmmm, carrot cake.

So, Sunday we're supposed to go to my mother-in-laws for her Easter. Later, I'm scheduled to jog. Which is probably a good thing considering the cake, hmm?

Then Monday, the baseline- bright and early.

We had V's check-up the other day, and the pediatrician was a bit concerned over V's development- especially his speech. We talked about our options and opted to reassess at the 18 month appointment. If he's still not doing better by then, his pediatrician wants to refer him to a speech therapist. I think he was jumping the gun a bit, I mean I realize that V is a little behind in some areas but don't think he's that far behind the curve. We're going to try and work with him more in the meantime- if anyone has any resources, or suggestions, hit me up in the comments of email me. Thanks.

And yup, this post was all over the place. That's how I feel this weekend. There is just not enough of me, or energy, to go around. (*sigh*)


Celia said...

Peter did not talk until literally days before his 18 month appointment. And did not talk for real til he was close to two. While there *may* be a problem, it is more likely that you are just an awesome and attentive mother. Old biddies used to tell me ALL THE TIME how Peter wasn't talking yet and blah blah and I wanted to punch them in the taco.

AnotherDreamer said...

I accidentally deleted aryanhwy's comment, oops!

"What sort of speech issues are you worried about?"

V only says maybe 5 words, and most aren't to communicate... they're just words while playing (Like "All right!" or "Oh boy!") and mimicking. He does understand some things, like "Dada's home" and "Do you want your water?" but he's a little behind in other ways, like he doesn't listen or obey simple commands. The pediatrician was just a little concerned overall.

AnotherDreamer said...

Celia, thanks :) I've had quite a few people tell me that it's normal for it to be delayed. It makes me more confident in waiting on speech therapy. If it needs it, that's fine, but right now he seems to be progressing at his own rate just fine. He's always been just a little behind, and he just turned 15 months at his appointment. Hopefully things will improve though. said...

It seems like boys are a little bit behind girls when it comes to talking. A few other bloggers I follow (who have had boys) had this issue around the 18 month check up and then everything was fine by the 2 year. :) I know for my girls, once I took their binkies away they seemed to talk a ton more.

That cake looks fantastic! I hope everything goes well at the baseline appointment!

Meghan said...

Hope I don't post this twice. I was going to say something when you posted on the 21st, but didn't. I have two boys who are 10 and 7. My oldest had speech delays at two years he was saying 2 legible words and by 18 months 10-15. My ped. said he would catch up and not to worry. I ignored him and had him evaluated thru EI. It took a month for the whole process. They discovered he indeed had speech delays, SPD (sensory processing disorder), and fine motor skills delays. The speech was handled by a speech therapist, the SPD was handled by a OT. They were concerned for quite sometime because of his interest in inanimate objects. I'm not going to lie the whole process was difficult. I'm just glad I did it. If I had waited who knows where he would be right now. As a fourth grader you would never know he had a speech delay. He reads at a 6/7 grade reading level and is doing awesome in school. The SPD is still an issue but something he is learning to handle. He has issues with light, sound, and textures. Thankfully not food textures though. So that's just my two cents. Good luck.