Friday, April 12, 2013


When I woke up at 5am Thursday, I was fine. When I woke back up at 9am, I was starting to get uncomfortable. By 10am... yup, definitely ovulated. I've been pretty sore all day. Yay ovulation! I decided to post-pone my jog until tomorrow, and opted to walk a little instead. I think that was a good call. Ouch.

So, we'll see where this goes. If I get pregnant this cycle, my EDD would be the exactly the same as with the first miscarriage. Just something to note. Yeah, I looked that up. Because I'm a masochist. Maybe I'm trying to be hopeful? But let's be honest... it's hard when you've been through this before. I doubt I'll get pregnant, but there's always the damn IF.

Progesterone tomorrow. Estrogen in the meantime, as well as my other miscellaneous handful of pills I choke down every day.

In other unrelated news, I finally got my appointment set up with the back specialist. If you recall, I have scoliosis and a lovely humpback (it's not extremely noticeable, but it's there.) Anyway, I'm still getting tingling/numbness in my humpback; it's just when I hunch/bend, but it's annoying. It doesn't hurt, but I find it concerning. I won't be able to get x-rays or anything done right now, but at least I can consult the doctor and go from there. So, I should see him Tuesday. I expect it to be a huge waste of money, but maybe I'll be surprised? I'm really jaded when it comes to doctors, I'm just so used to getting blown off at this point. Ugh.


St Elsewhere said...

Good Luck with the cycle. That thing you noticed about the EDD is something that would hit me too.

Also fingers crossed for your back pain appointment.

Celia said...

Topricin is available online. You can check it with your dr but it is great for my arthritis since I can't take anything like Advil. As much as we would love a third child, the idea that I could have advil whenever I wanted sounds AMAZING. My ankles hurt all the time. ick. I hope you feel better. We are a couple days behind you this cycle. Though obviously I have no idea if I am going to ovulate or not. We'll see. I am just so excited that you are getting a chance this month. I am SO HERE if it works, I am chock FULL of the assvice for being pregnant while caring for a toddler.

Rebecca said...

Hoping your doctor can do something to help you.

Stinky said...

Then along comes an amazing doctor, when you least expect it! Hopefully

EDD - that sounds like sods law doesn't it? On one hand, it would be nice to have a good association with that date, on the other hand, it 'belongs' to somebody else!! (But thats just the way *I* think)

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys! Keepin' my fingers crossed that this is THE cycle! And that you find a doc that will really listen to you. I'd be jaded after all you've been through, too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!! This is the first cycle ever for me where I actually got TWO positive OPKs. I usually get one right on top of ovulation so it's really hard to plan accordingly. I got 2 this time and didn't ovulate until CD 21, but hey, it's something. :) Good luck to you!! My EDD is January 4 if successful. ;o) LOL