Friday, April 8, 2011


So, SIL2 finally told us she's pregnant. Through text message.

It's literally been two months since it we found out via FB (*eta: My bad, that's how long since it was originally posted there. We found out last month actually. Still... wow.)

A- totally told her he already knew, and how he'd found out. That gave me a chuckle, I don't think I would have went that far. I would have just said, "Congrats" and left it at that. I guess he was a bit more miffed about it than I was. It was actually an interesting game waiting to see how long it'd take for her to tell us. I was starting to think she wasn't going to bother.

She only texted him originally to give him her new number. He doesn't think she would have told him today otherwise.

In other news, it's 6dpo today. Half-way through the two week wait. I'm still planning to hold off testing until at least 13dpo. I'm not in a hurry to test, unlike previous cycles. There just doesn't seem as much point. If I do test positive, I'll have to wait until then to get my HCG tested. And then I'd also just be anxious about possibly miscarrying again. If I test negative... well, since we're at the end of the road there isn't much to do but have some strawberry daiquiris, cry till I have no more tears left, throw myself back into weight loss, hunt down a better paying job... and hope that someday we find the right path to parenthood for us.


Anonymous said...

That is insane about your SIL. Though mine told us through a photo sent to my husband's phone of the pee stick. Classy.

I hope the rest of the wait goes by fast for you. <3 said...

gotta love to hate FB. gah! That's awesome of your DH to totally call her on that by the way. Hoping the tww flies by!!! :)

Kelly said...

What is wrong with SIL?? If you're friends on FB, how could she think that you wouldn't find out?

Celia said...

You know boo, I am waiting with you.

AnotherDreamer said...


Her fiance had posted it on his wall, and while I'm not friends with him on FB... I am friends with MIL and SIL1... who both commented excessively on his pregnancy announcement. Which showed up on their own walls, and made me follow them. Basically just to confirm what I already knew really. Bah. The wonders of FB.

Kristin said...

Good for your DH...too funny.

And, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

St Elsewhere said...

I just want to wish you good luck for the are halfway through 2ww.

And your SIL2? Bahbum!

AD, I do though sometimes wonder if eventually fertiles start avoiding us...for the fear of offending us or for something else... A- did good by making her come out.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your SIL. That's funny that your DH called her on it. Good for him! I hate fb for that exact reason. I just found out about a relative's 4th baby that way.

Waiting with you, and hoping.