Sunday, April 3, 2011

And so-

I believe my ovaries have exploded. It's like two atomic bombs went off in there.

I expected it to be worse than last time, because last injectable cycle there were only 4 follicles (mature or otherwise really). And I hurt then too. This time there were, well, possibly 6 mature ones... not to mention all the smaller ones, which were measurable but not mature.

So yeah, I knew it would hurt... I just wasn't thinking about how much. I can't find a comfortable position laying, sitting, standing.

So it's safe to say I've definitely ovulated. I started getting uncomfortable at 8pm, and by 10pm I was in some pain. Now, I'm miserable.

I'm beginning to wonder what on earth I just got myself into.


Celia said...

Exciting! Scary! Exciting! said...

Woot for ovulating!!! Can you take tylenol or anything? Hoping you get some rest and fantastic news in a week and a half ;)