Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've almost watched an entire 170 episode series of anime this week.

My couch is boring.

Cats make nice heating pads.

My house is steadily getting filthier due to male pattern blindness*.

I think I've eaten more take out this week than I should... my husband apparently can't cook... hmmmm.

This happens every time I'm on bed ridden... seriously though, he takes great care of me. He's amazing like that.

There hasn't been any major bleeding for a couple days. I'm still spotting 24/7 though, and cramping quite a bit in the evening. But the cramps haven't been as bad as the other night, so that's an improvement. They're definitely much worse if I overdo it a little bit. I still spot red/pink in the evenings, but it's not like the excessive bleeding I was having.

I called my clinic and argued with the nurse about how I didn't think my progesterone was high enough, even with 3 suppositories. I lost the fight, and hung up in tears. My RE claims it's a really high dose and should be fine... but c'mon. I'm taking 200mg 3x a day, and my progesterone on it's own was ONLY 6.6. So.,.. I decided to self medicate today and upped my dose to 4 pills a day. I know, I know... I'm a horrible patient. But you know what? They don't want to retest my numbers, and they keep claiming it should be high enough... apparently they're psychic! I have tried explaining many times that while I understand that this is likely another miscarriage, I still want to give it every possible chance I can. They think we already are... I'm just not convinced on the progesterone though. Is there really that much harm in taking a little tiny bit more? Or you know... retesting my damn numbers?

I really don't see this ending well, but like I said... I'm giving it every available opportunity. I am not going to have any regrets. Although, this experience has made it quite clear to me that my body just doesn't want to be pregnant. I don't think there was anything wrong with that embry0, 72 was a great number for 13dpo. My progesterone shouldn't have dropped that much at that point if the embryo was doing well, which I believe it was. So this has me wondering, and mulling things over.

I don't have a repeat HCG draw until Friday. Why Friday instead of Thursday (which would be 2 days since the last one)... I really don't know. I was going to ask about it, but after my argument with the nurse and me crying... I didn't feel like calling them again. I already got all hysterical on them once... one more day isn't a huge deal I guess.

My Lovenox injections suck. The medicine doesn't burn that much (Bravelle was WAY worse) but I think the needle sucks. It seems duller than my FSH subcutaneous injections, like it doesn't want to piece my skin. And maybe the needle is bigger, because it hurts more going in and out. After my first injection left a HUGE bruise I started icing it up after injecting and it seems to have helped stave off the bruising. Which is good, because the bruise hurt big time, I really don't want a bunch of those.

So I am on... a prenatal, 2000mg Metformin, 81mg Aspirin, 2000iu Vit D, 800mcg Folic Acid, .50mg Synthroid, 40mg Lovenox, 800mg Progesterone

And I put myself on bed rest.

So, if nothing else I'm at least going to have peace of mind because I'm literally doing everything I can. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work... I can accept that. However, as long as my Nombie is still fighting, so will I.

*I believe Kristin coined Male Pattern Blindness, but it totally applies ;)


Stinky said...

Male Pattern Blindness, thats brilliant!

I can't believe with a P4 of 6.6 you are not being rechecked, ffs. Is that what happens with other medical treatment - prescribe something and then when you ask for a review you are told it 'should' work.
Thats bollocks.

Still rooting here, glad you are taking it easy

Kristin said...

I honestly think with the combination of your low, low progesterone and your pretty damned good hcg that you have a classic case of luteal phase disorder. And, don't feel bad about the progesterone. I did that too. One extra will NOT hurt.

Celia said...

Your doctors can kiss my super fat ass. I am glad you are taking the extra progesterone. I lay around as much as possible with Peter, even before I went on bedrest. I figured it could only help. I am PRAYING AND PRAYING that you get to meet this baby.

Lissie said...

Keep up the great work! You really are doing everything possible. Great attitude!

Mrs BabyDream said...

Hey, just wanted to say that my RE puts me on 1600mg of cyclogest during my cycles so 2X 400 morning and night. So upping ur dose is safe!

wifey said...

I would've upped my dosage too. In fact, I've been known to self medicate with lovenox and progesterone from ovulation onward - you know, just in case. Hang in there - you're doing all you can.

Male pattern blindness is fracking hilarious! My husband has it too!

((hugs)) said...

Thinking of you!!

I'd be screaming at the nurse at the clinic too. I do not understand nurse who lack compassion!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

Arline said...
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Jess said...

If you are using progesterone suppositories you will have a lower number in a blood test. I went through the same thing and totally freaked out as did my OB. After they called the RE it was learned that with suppositories it does not enter the blood stream in the same way as pills or injections, but you are still getting the needed amount. I had my OB switch me to PIO injections just to be safe.

Continued prayers for your little one.