Friday, April 22, 2011

Frustrating day-

Well, the lab I went to messed up and didn't run my beta stat. My clinic closed early, so I had to have their answering service page my doctor because I needed more Lovenox to hold me over until we get some answers. She checked again on their website, but my results weren't entered... a different kind of limbo, but limbo still.

I am seriously hoping the lab has those answers posted for me tomorrow morning... I am about ready to blow a gasket. I should have just had my blood work done at my clinic, but noooo I was trying to save time and gas by going to the lab that was 20 minutes away, instead of driving an hour to my clinic. I've never had issues with this before that I can remember.

Sorry, I'm SUPER frustrated.

If I get my results Saturday morning, you'll see another post from me.


Kristin said...

{{{Hugs}}} sorry you are stuck waiting again.

Stinky said...

Oh, sucks, big time. I can't believe they fucked up on THIS test. Is it not an important one or something?

In spite of all this, wanted to wish you happy easter/eggday

Celia said...

Christ ABOVE.

Jess said...

So sorry that you are still waiting. {{{HUGS}}}