Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where's my blood?

The last two times I had blood work done have been disasters.

This last time, tonight, the tech couldn't get hardly any blood out. He sure bruised my arm though. The time before that, the lady stuck me three times, and got her supervisor to help her. They finally got some blood, but it was slow going. I swear, sometimes I wonder if they are really lab techs, or crazy inexperienced people posing as lab techs.

I got a progesterone draw done today, because I honestly can't tell if I have ovulated or not. My temps are higher than normal, but I am sick... so I don't trust them. I also got a liver function test done, you know, since I am on the Metformin. To be safe. Don't want no Lactic Acidosis, or whatever it's called.

If I did ovulate, which I doubt, I would be 6DPO right now.

I wonder if I did.

If I did, it would be my second time ovulating in the last, oh, it's been over 18 months. Oh yeah, a healthy woman would have ovulated about 18 times by now, compare that to my one and possibly second ovulation.

Hmmm. Of course though, some woman can have those 18 perfect cycles and not get pregnant, I had that one lucky ovulation back then, one in 18 months, and got pregnant from it. I know, I was lucky. I must have been to lucky, because it was to good to be true. I lost that baby.

Maybe, if I ovulate, I'll be lucky enough to get pregnant again. And the next one will stay with me... I know, it's a haughty order, I may be asking to much, but how I dream of it. How I long for it. I get so tired of fighting. This nightmare, it seems so never ending.

I need to go get some homework done now. Not that I want to. But, Beowulf (How I loathe you.) is calling, as is good old Geography (How I loathe you too.) Darn them.


Lorraine said...

Hi -

I'm that woman with the 18 perfect cycles in the last year and a half - still no baby. I guess sometimes those cliches really are true - "it only takes one", but also "there are no guarantees".

This post reminded me of a time that I got a giant (over 4") blood blister from a bad blood draw. I went back to show it to the nurses because it was actually really scary. Of course, they blamed my veins, my blood, my diet - I am pretty sure I was part of some on-the-job-training.

Shelby said...

You poor thing. My hubby usually comes back from blood draws with both arms purple. The techs usually have to get the doc into the room.

I'm hoping for that you strike the Lucky O!

janis said...

Fingers crossed that the results are what you wanna hear.
Hang in there honey. xoxo

Tara said...

My mom and sister always bruise so bad after getting blood drawn. I am lucky in that way - that I don't bruise hardly ever.

I hope you get the results you are hoping for this month!