Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Plotting the course

I'm trying to figure out my next step of action. Yeah, I know. I just started this cycle and I am already surrendering to defeat... but I mean, seriously. I didn't respond to 100mg of Clomid last cycle, why would this one be different? Who are we kidding? I mean, yes I am on the Metformin, but I doubt that it's going to make me magically respond to a medicine I haven't responded to so far.

Of course I wonder if maybe I am half responding. I mean, I had achy ovaries for a week last time, and I had a P4 of 1.4 (higher end of the follicular phase levels) maybe I just didn't make enough LH to release the follicles.... Who knows. I'm not getting enough monitoring to find out. Maybe I should ask for an ultrasound this time, and see what's happening. He probably won't do it.

Maybe I should just save my money to see an RE. It might be best to do that. I am seriously debating to not get my P4 done this cycle and just use that money towards seeing an RE.

I just don't know what to do.

Should I call my ob/gyn and talk to them, or should I ditch them and go ahead and move on already? Where's that damn crystal ball when you need it?

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