Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My, oh my

Well, today's day one of my new round of Clomid. I am cycle day 2. I have absolutely no faith in this cycle. So... there you have it. But we shall see...

I also go in tomorrow to fill out paperwork for my new job.

None of these people know about my history, myself, nothing. I wonder how long I can keep it that way. I'm sure eventually I will let it slip out that I can't have kids, because I am very open about that. But then people say stupid things and I get mad.

I remember telling a co-worker about my infertility diagnosis last year. She proceeded to tell me that it isn't so bad. She said I wasn't missing out on anything, that pregnancy is horrible, and that kids are a handful. Seriously, she made a point to go on and on about how lucky I was. This was when I was nice and kept my mouth shut. I'm not so nice anymore, I'm getting pretty jaded, and I am letting bad things spill forth from my mouth at an alarming rate.

In other news, Bleh.

Tomorrow is a new day.


Shelby said...

In what plan does it make sense that stupid people like that can breed? I'm all for survival of the fittest, but one might say this is actually an argument against it.

Anyway, I know how it is to go into a cycle with absolutely no hope. I'm pretty much doing that with my next few cycles...going through the motions. Still, even with that, I hope for the best for you!

Penny said...

Good god, I hate when mothers tell others about how 'horrible' motherhood is. Because we all know they're full of SHIT.

Next time I think you should agree with her, and go on and on about how lucky you realize you ARE, and make a few digs back. But you're probably not a vindictive person.