Thursday, September 25, 2008


I was saying that my Ovaries have been put On Notice. They're on my shit list. They've been warned.

If they don't do anything by Monday I am kicking their butts and starting a new cycle.

(I kept saying they were on notice, and A. told me I could make a Colbert sign saying that. Someone made a program that allows you to put whatever you want in there instead of what Colbert really had. You can find it online. So, I did. I thought it was funny. I have a weird sense of humor though, sooo...)

And just so everyone knows, I am coming down with a cold. So if my posts seem crazy in the next few days... I'm blaming the cold medicine. I encourage you to talk me down if I start raving like a lunatic. :)

For now I will focus on my sole enjoyment this quarter of college, my 17th century British drama course (We're focusing on comedies! Yay!) I'm going to go plot my upcoming project (I have to show a comedic clip, and then explain why it's funny according to the "rules" of comedies. Isn't college wonderful?) So I am off to watch some Monty Python... in the name of knowledge.


Antigone said...

I'm envious. Now that I'm seriously thinking about switching career paths, I feel like anything's possible. I would *love* to spend some time as an English Lit grad student. I envy your homework and classes.

Tara said...

Can I put my ovaries on notice, too??? I love it!

Good luck with your studying :)

janis said...

Ovaries take note!!!! ;-)

Sending you all the good vibes ~~~~~~

Those courses you are doing sound so fun!

Penny said...

arg! Hurry UP lazy ovaries. Get moving so stephanie can have a nice painful retrieval and anxious 2ww.

That colbert thing is awesome. I might have to steal me that idea in the future.