Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In response to the comments from Shelby and G.

Nope, I tried to get him to do an ultrasound and he said no. He said he would next cycle, but to wait this one out. I was quite peeved. Especially with the ovarian discomfort (Him and my old doctor take this as a positive sign, while I wonder if I may have a cyst. Guess we'll never know.) He didn't mention doing blood work again, he is apparently satisfied with my blood work I had done with my ob/gyn. He does want me to get a liver function test though, because I'm on the Metformin.

I can't go to another RE, unless I see another one in the same clinic. I doubt their opinions vary much though, they're all in business together after all.

I'm still peeved. It really doesn't help that I feel achy, my lower left side is hurting... worse than two days ago. I also think my bowels are messed up right now, so they're making my lower abdomen hurt even more. I'm pissy about something involving school, oh and I start school again today. I'm a real sour puss today. Real bitchy. Can you tell?

I wish I could go back to bed.


Tara said...

Ugh - I wish we were all rich enough (like Tomcat) to buy our own US machine!!! The discomfort is, likely, a good sign. In my 2 IVF cycles, I never had it and my body wasn't responding. So, it is likely a good sign that you have a follicle (or 2) in there. SUCKS that they won't do anymore b/w or an US. I am sorry. I am hoping this is the one for you and you won't have to deal with this again next month!


Antigone said...

I second wanting my own ultrasound machine. I hate that the gatekeepers are so stingy.

Penny said...

oops, should have read this one. Try another RE in the same office first. Even personalities can differ significantly.

Some REs don't really like to jump on the testing wagon until you pull out the big guns, like IUI or IVF. That he didn't want much diagnostics on clomid doesn't surprise me a ton, although I can hear you: you've already done unmonitored clomid and you'd like to know why it's not working. I think he should have been more receptive to that.

While it feels like a slow start, at least you're starting down a path. Next month you can come back with more artillery and hopefully get some answers as to what's going (or not going) on.

janis said...

shucks! ((hugs)) to you. I am so sorry this is not working out, but another doc could make the difference... it's ok to be a sourpuss *hugs*

Shelby said...

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. RE stuff always makes me bitchy, too! I hope you're feeling more yourself in the days to come!