Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I had my appointment.

I must say, I'm a little disappointed.

I'm waiting this cycle out, no monitoring. I was hoping for at least an ultrasound to see where we are at right now... but no.

Here's the plan.
If I respond, awesome. Keep the protocol the same.

If I don't? I'm supposed to call them, and next cycle will be different. We will do 150mg, ultrasound monitoring, and a trigger shot. So, I guess at least I can have hope for next cycle.

I still have no faith in this one. Oh, it's CD15 btw. So, in 6 days (CD21) I was told it's okay to call in and call it quits for this cycle if I haven't had a temp rise by then. So, even if I'm not getting monitored this cycle, at least I can quit it sooner if it's a failure, and I can move on.

So I guess that's the bright side of things.

Man, I still feel cheated though. $250 for a half hours conversation that basically consisted of, "Uh huh, Hmmm. I think we should keep at this, I have a good feeling about this cycle." (That being said without monitoring or blood work... we don't even know what's happening with me this cycle... are you kidding me?)

And then, "If it doesn't work, we can do this and this..." "And then, once we get you ovulating we can do these tests if you don't get pregnant..."

Oh, and get this, "You're the most fertile person I've seen in here today." (Really? Because I thought that by not ovulating I was pretty bad off, but apparently I am mistaken. Oh, apparently it's because I have the junk, I have the eggs, and I just don't have the right processing chip. Therefore, he's optimistic. He's very optimistic about the Clomid... again, are you serious? Cause, this is my third Clomid cycle... and I haven't Ov'ed yet...)

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

This is the only fertility clinic in the area, and it's an hour away. (Also, this goes without saying, these REs are the closest REs too.) The next closest one is 2 hours away.... So, I guess I'm going to trust the guy. He seems kinda crazy though.

I don't know. Maye it's just that I am pissy today, I was having a bad day to begin with...

What do you think?


Shelby said...

As someone who is completely ADHD as far as hometowns and REs go, I am on RE #3 and I know that with all three (from Idaho to Cal), baseline bloodwork and an ultrasound were a prerequisite. Don't feel too bashful to ask why something is not happening if your gut tells you it should be. I suffer from the non-confrontational personality and it doesn't do anyone any good. With as much as you're investing, you should feel a peace of mind at the end of the day.

G$ said...

shelby is wise, baseline bloodwork is necessary, will he do day 3s?

Penny said...

Hmm. I don't like REs who a) don't give you a good action plan to chew on during an inital consult and b) don't seem to read your chart before you enter the room. I especially despise b).

Any other RE options?

If not, I'd say you gotta be the one to take the lead in this relationship, which is really kind of a shitter, but still works. Do some research, but together a plan, propose it to him, and see what happens. Like, a general plan: clomid this month, IUI next month (or femara, or nothing, or diagnostics, etc), etc etc.

Did you mention that you haven't o'd yet on clomid?