Tuesday, September 9, 2008



I finally got a call back about that job. I have been offered a position, and I accepted it. I go in Thursday to fill out paperwork.

And in other news... I am on cycle day 1 today!

Woohoo, thank god for Provera.

I am thinking about taking the Clomid from days 2-6 this time, because I did 3-7 the last two times... and I think a change up would be nice. We'll see. I don't know yet.


Shelby said...

Good luck with the job and the cycle. I hope this one works so you no longer have to keep shelling out for treatment!

janis said...

Best wishes for everything. xo

Penny said...

yea, I think annovulatory cycles tend to produce weird kinds of flow. Yay for cd1!