Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Progesterone woes and impending betas

I am so thankful for my ridiculously high progesterone. Apparently your progesterone should be from the 20's to the 40's in the first trimester, and mine is in the 60's. I am not going to complain about that.

However, I will complain about the side effects of having such ridiculously high progesterone, and it may be TMI. But, here you have it... I got hit with pregnancy constipation ridiculously early thanks to my super high progesterone.

Not cool.

It's causing abdominal pain, and I have to keep asking myself... is that my uterus or my bowels? What hurts? What should I do, should I see a doctor in case it's my uterus... but they wouldn't be able to do anything anyway. And they wouldn't be able to do anything for the constipation that I myself am not already doing. I am dropping fiber down my throat like it's going out of style, I am taking pills, trying to walk... but then it hurts so I am trying to rest. There's no relief in sight.

I get another beta tomorrow. So hopefully everything is fine, and it's my bowels and not my uterus that hurts.

I pulled something in the car yesterday. I lifted my butt of the seat to pull my trench coat up some, since it was too tight on my arms. I needed some leeway. Of course, when I did so, I felt a sharp pulling sensation in my lower left abdomen... not sure what it was. It's still tender though. It has me on edge.

No spotting right now... but I did have a horrible nightmare last night that felt real. I dreamed I woke up and went to the bathroom, I wiped, and there it was.... dark red blood.

Just a dream... it was just a dream. But of course when I woke up from that nightmare I rushed to the bathroom and checked. Nothing. Just a dream.

So, I am where I was before when the world came crashing down around me.

I am on the cusp of 5wks. I am 4wks 6ays... so close.
I hope I can make it through today.


Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling yucky but happy as well because that means a good thing is happening. I hope you have a wonderful 9 months!

Tara said...

You can do it!

Dora said...

STOP THE FIBER! You're making it worse. Fiber will bulk up the stool and make it harder to pass. Stool softener (docusate sodium) is your friend. It's fine during pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Hey.....congrats on all things pregnancy. And FYI, as your uterus grows (and it is growing), the ligaments that support it get stretched and sometimes sudden movements can aggravate that. Sounds like what happened to you. Anyway, good luck!

Cara said...

Stretching ligaments are really a mind-trip! In time you'll know the difference between ligament pain and the other kind.

You got the right day at a time.

Penny said...

Stool softner is your friend. Be sure to get the kind that's JUST a softner, NOT a laxative.

Dude, my progesterone was in the 100s in the beginning and going to the bathroom was never so traumatic.

Celia said...

Poor Boo. Try pouring some boiling water over a slice of lemon. This is great for everything, constipation, bloating, water retention. Drink it first thing on an empty stomach.

Anonymous said...

Still with you hoping for the best.

Try to hang in there. Ditto Dora's comment on the fibre.


The Steadfast Warrior said...

You'll make it through! You;re so close. Hang in there.

WiseGuy said...

Go Sweetie Go!

Bluebird said...

Oh sweetie. So sorry you're so uncomfortable, in all ways. Hang in there just a little longer! (Well, a lot longer :) But you know what I mean!)

Kristin said...

Praying hard that your hcg levels have jumped way up there.