Friday, March 18, 2011

Stupid body-

So I'm still on my BCPs. And I'm still spotting. Yay me. It's went from brown to pink, and may be picking up. Boooo. Fine, I give up. I will go ahead and take my BCP tomorrow, but I'm stopping Sunday. I'm just trying to time AF so my CD3 isn't Monday, my doctor isn't in on Mondays... and I'd rather see her than one of their other REs. My new cycle should start promptly on Sunday then (but I'm not holding my breath on that, since my body is so uncooperative). If not... hopefully soon after at least.

So, any day now.

Please please please please let that nasty cyst be gone.

eta... I just realized that I've been blogging here for three years. Wow. Three years... I bet I've drove so many people absolutely nuts in that time ;)

I remember when I came here, needing support and a voice, hoping to help others like me by letting them know they weren't alone. It doesn't feel like I've been in this place for that long. I've changed the course of this blog, changed the course of my life, and soon I'll be doing that again. Shortly after I came here, I experienced my first pregnancy. And shortly after that, my first miscarriage. It was a very difficult time, and I couldn't even begin to imagine what followed.

Thanks to everyone who's been there for me. It really means a lot.


Kristin said...

Happy 3 years blogging and I'm sorry your body is being uncooperative.

loribeth said...

Happy blogoversary! Hope your cycle improves soon. (((hugs)))

Janis MK said...

(((hugs))) hope things are looking up soon! The last three years was such a ride. Thank you for sharing with us. xoxo