Thursday, March 3, 2011


I may have jury duty next week. Please send me some anti-jury duty thoughts.

I work graveyard shift, so I'd be getting off work at 8am and reporting for jury duty at 9am. Seriously. And I'd be on call until the end of April, which ugh... going to conflict with that last round of treatments. I am mad, and just defeated.

I know, it's just jury duty. But when I have a messed up schedule as it is, and I'd be adding an injectable cycle on top of things with it's own scheduling issues? I'm screwed! Those meds just expired, I would like to use them as soon as possible :( My doctor is expecting me back in April for this cycle.

I am really hoping I get out of it, I did last time I was pulled as a potential juror. I was freaking out then too because I had a full course load in college, worked full time, and needed every penny I brought in for bills.

I feel whiney. I've just had a really bad weekend, and really don't want to deal with this. (*sigh*)


ousoonerchick said...

Just tell them you think they should hang and they'll let you off. LOL

Celia said...

Nooo, I was stuck on an arson trial for a month and since I worked shift work I had jury duty all day and then I would go to work. SUCKED SO BAD. said...

i hope they don't call you!!

i had that happen in college too. they called me for jury duty the week of finals!!!! it was such a pain in the ass on top of working full time and already being so behind. gah!@

Janis MK said...

Can you appeal to not go? Tell them you work graveyard shift, get a letter from your office or something, to prove that it would not be safe for you and others to do this.