Monday, March 28, 2011

Monitoring update-

So after 4 days of stims we have an 11 on the left, and a 9, and two 10's on the right. It's CD7 today, and I'm waiting on my E2 results to find out about my dosing. I'm really hoping it stays the same, since I only have so much medication right now.

I go back on Thursday for another check. If this cycles shapes up like my last injectable cycle, hopefully I'll be able to trigger on Thursday too. Time will tell.

My last two inject cycles were slightly different. I had more follicles on them initially, and they were growing a bit faster then too. At least, I think they were. But, I do have 4 follicles taking the lead. Which is good.... if I'm extremely lucky, they'll all keep growing. That would be wonderful.

Oh, bit of a rant. My clinic almost gave me a heart attack this morning. They gave me a paper notifying me of some changes coming soon to their billing. I asked about it, and it shouldn't affect me too much. But, they raised the price of their IUIs from $250 to $300... effective April 1st. My IUI might be on April 1st if things go well... go fucking figure. I could get charged $50 extra dollars because my cycle timing is a day later than their policy change. That's crap. I'm hoping I can talk them into letting me slide with the old price, since I wasn't notified of this until mid-cycle. The nice nurse already said she might be able to get me in on the $250 since I'd be a day off. We'll see what happens. I still think it's kind of crappy.

My insurance covers some of the stuff at my current clinic, but it doesn't cover everything. So it's good to know I'm in better (and cheaper) hands. Aside from the IUI, which isn't covered and I am a little upset that the price is going up. Not that we're going to be doing many IUIs since we aren't planning on pursuing any treatment, at least not for awhile. Maybe we will change our minds and come back next year, but maybe we won't ever. Still, uneasy knowing prices are going up is all.

But their other prices are so good. Really.

My old clinic charged $350 for your baseline ultrasound and $250 for each subsequent u/s. They also charged $170 per E2 test. Yeah, that all added up fast on the super slow cycle where Dr. BlowsSunshine didn't want to up my damn dose because I'm "young" and who knew what could happen!!! despite NOTHING happening.... for 20 damn days. I got billed $2000 in ultrasounds and roughly $1,000 in b/w. (*super angry face*) For a cycle I didn't even end up ovulating on! They wasted all my free Gonal-f from the Serono program (*super sad face*) Their IUIs were $350 too (unless they've increased their price too since then.) So more expensive there too.

(*DEEP BREATHS*) I am so glad I left their office.

My new clinic only charges $20 per E2 out of pocket. And their ultrasounds are only $175.

So up yours, old reproductive clinic. You greedy bastards.

Ahem... so, I may still be very bitter about the way Dr. BlowsSunshine handled my second miscarriage, all testing, and that injectable cycle. And well, everything.



Stinky said...

wow, that last clinic - money drain! 180 for E2 test? Fark, they're creaming people!

Would have thought the cycle you started on/signed up for would be honoured as the previous cost but anyone signing up after April 1st would pay the higher price. Thats a little unfair to change the price on something you have already started.

Grow, follies, grow!!!

Ed said...

You are funny and I like you.

Kristin said...

So glad you are away from the old clinic and I hope you skate through on the lower price. said...

Grow follies!!

I'd be bitter and angry at the last clinic...I had an RE that kept my dose high even having many, many follies early on only to overstim me. Nice. It's the same clinic where the nurse said I "probably had PCOS, but I'd need a lot of tests to confirm it". Nice.

And yeah, I'd be angry if they upped the price $50 mid-cycle for a policy change. They should notify you of that at the beginning of the cycle...gah.

Anonymous said...

lol I just love it that you tell it like it is! :) And I'm SO glad you have a different doc and a different clinic now!

I'm getting ready to have to change clinics. :( I'm so stressed to be starting over! But my insurance requires it. *sigh*

Four big follies - you rock, Mama! :)