Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are you freakin' kidding me?!-

So finally got my E2 levels (CD7), it was up at 496. So they want me to drop my dose to 175iu... I'm pretty freaking apprehensive about that. I don't respond so well to lower doses, and I only had 4 maturing follicles the other day.

Not only that, they inadvertently ran my TSH. Someone accidentally marked it, and it was ran. Seriously. It came back at 4.87, which is high. So I'm supposed to start Synthroid at 50mcg and have my levels retested in a month. Umm, yeah. How about I take it until Thursday, and ask them to re-run it to rule out lab error? If it's that high I DEFINITELY want to get it down, but I want to make sure first. When I had my level ran in 2008 it wasn't elevated, and I believe I had it retested in 2009 with no issues either. I don't understand, and I'm a bit more than apprehensive. I've been assured there was no lab error, and told I can wait to have it retested to start the meds... but I'm going to just go ahead and take it and then ask for a retest.

I am... frustrated.


Stinky said...

lab + errors = frustration. Fark.
Would be good to recheck thyroid, big part to play in fertility. Do they check T3 T4 and antibodies too? That could give a better indicator if out of whack.
Thats high for E2 (thats CD2, right?) Mine were 379, but haven't gt round to blogging about it yet. I'd ask about your FSH, but don't know if PCOS affects this (it does for AMH).

All these figures are so stressful aren't they

AnotherDreamer said...

The E2 is from CD7 actually, still high though. Bah. My FSH was always low, like at 3 or something. PCOS itself doesn't usually affect it. I've never had my AMH tested though.

I'm definitely going to be asking for more testing on Thursday when I go in. I'm not taking anything at face value with this.

Janis MK said...

UGH!! So sorry you're having to deal with this. I am sure "frustrated" was an understatement to how you feel. xo

Celia said...

Well, what a mess. ARGH. I offer you a share of my virtual Doritos.

Melis.sa said...

I'd get it retested, but yeah your TSH should be under 2.5 while TTC. My primary doctor left my thyroid alone even when it was over 3 because she didn't know about the 2.5 for ttc women, sigh, so I left my thyroid messed up for 2 years. gah!

Kristin said...

Lots and lots of deep breaths right now. Try not to pull your hair out in frustration. {{{Hugs}}}

Lindsay said...

So sorry that you're having to deal with this frustration. Sending happy and positive thoughts for some big, mature juicy follicles : ).