Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are they trying to tell me something?-

I usually buy the three pack pregnancy tests- better value considering how pee obsessive I am. So, I opened it up last time and was like- well there's the three pink pregnancy tests, and what's this fourth green thing?

Oh yeah, they went and did it.

First Response decided that I might want to try their new fertility test.

Ummm, are they trying to say something about us avid consumers of pregnancy tests? Like, since most normal women only need one test, maybe two, to confirm their fears or desires? Hmmm. But three tests, well, then you might have a problem. And while they like your money, they think you should make sure you're not fertility challenged at this point?

Those fertility tests are about useless anyway, since if I'm not mistaken it just checks FSH. And it's not like you're getting the entire picture, and even so it's not exact. It's a line or faint line or no line test- not a quantity value, which is kinda important with this. Also, taking it at the wrong time gives inaccurate results.

And really, it is best to just see a specialist if you are concerned. Just my two cents though, from all my wonderful years of experience being eaten up and spit back out by the beast known as Infertility.


Thank for the surprise free test First Response- I shall treasure it always.


Anonymous said...

lololol!!! :)

A Decade of BFNs said...

When I first seen those tests, I thought to myself, such crap! Really now, testing FSH is the only way to test your fertility? HA!! Where's the androgen test so I can see if I have PCOS?

Kristin said...

How bizarre that they tossed it in for free.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen one thrown in a free with the HPT's ... I paid $30 for my two pack.

Another Dreamer said...

Azmamma- I get the 3 pack at for $15. I didn't look at the label before opening it, but outside it the box did say it was inside. I was surprised- and still find it extremely weird.

I saw some women on the forums talking about finding them in their boxes too, and being confused about using them... seem really silly to put them in there.