Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just gotta remind myself-

I already thought my expectations were pretty low for the new ob/gyn's office... but, they weren't low enough.

I gave the nurse my history and went back... waited forever too, I might add. I'm sitting there and I hear them outside the door... clear as day.

"Is this the next one?"
"I think it is."
(chart is taken down, hear papers shuffling)
"What's an IUI?"
"I don't know."
"IUI... it stands for something. Intrauterine..."
"She doesn't see Dr. BlowsSunshine at @#$!~, I don't know who this doctor is."


There was a lot more to it than that, but that's the gist of it.

When they came in I said, "You know, you guys could have came in here and asked me about that stuff. I would have been glad to answer any questions."

Yes, they did mention my old incompetent doctor while they were in the hallway wondering what exactly an IUI was. Yes, I did have to explain everything, IUI especially, to her when she got in the room. Yes, I had to assure her that paps were okay this soon after an IUI- since, you know, the sperm and any possible embryo are, you know, in the fallopian tubes/uterus and not in or on my cervix. And no, as I had to explain to her, my RE didn't need me to do a pap before allowing me to do an IUI, and she did not give me one- since those are done yearly, and that's not what I'm paying her for. Thanks.

I was not impressed with their basic knowledge. I know they aren't experts, and I'm not seeing them or paying them for that... but damn, I would have liked them to at least know what an IUI was or about basic fertility treatments. Especially since their office brags that they "specialize" in reproductive problems and infertility (which, trust me, I already knew was a crock of shit... it always is, and I think it should be illegal for them to say they do when they so obviously don't). What scares me though is that these people do say they specialize in this stuff, they tell people they can diagnose and treat reproductive issues... (*shudder*) and so people go in there and expect to be treated by knowledgeable people, and they aren't. Things don't get diagnosed, treated properly, get over looked... just, scary.

Yeah, they don't have my vote of confidence. But, for the purposes of just seeing them for a yearly pap... well, they'll do I guess. I don't like them too well, but I'll live. After all, I'm just seeing them for one reason and one reason only... I think they can handle that at least.

eta: I knew they didn't "specialize" since they aren't REs of anything, although they claim they do, I was really just hoping they had a basic understanding of PCOS (since so few ob/gyns seem to) and that I wouldn't have to explain EVERYTHING. You know? It was annoying! And concerning. And... just, blah.


Michelle said...

Wow, I am just speechless right now. It certainly should be illegal to say they "specialize" with no knowledge! Maybe a complaint to your state board of health will get that ball rolling (that is if you wnat to spend your energy). I'm irritated for you.

Celia said...

that is annoying at best but i really want to say outrageous.

Kristin said...

That is unbelievable. More than a little scary.

loribeth said...

It is scary. I can remember after doing my fertility workup, my ob-gyn said, "Well, I can put you on clomid for a few months & see what happens... or I can refer you to a fertility specialist." I asked for the referral. I love my ob-gyn, but I knew he wasn't a fertility dr per se -- & (thanks to hanging out on infertility & loss boards), I knew that many ob-gyns hand out clomid like it's candy & don't do any monitoring. Not the way to go -- especially when you're pushing 40 (as I was then).

Good for you, calling them on it!

Dora said...

Wow! Really scary.

Good for you for speaking up. Thinking of you during the dreadful wait.