Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had my baseline and assurance beta (to get the clear for Femara) on Monday. Ultrasound looked good, no leftover cysts. Blood work was negative, of course- so we were cleared to start. We're on the same exact regiment as last time. I'm really not expecting much, given my track record. But we'll see, I guess.

It took a lot longer than expected at the appointment, they were really backed up. I am assuming it's because of people, like me, who tried to call and schedule an appointment over the weekend but were unable to because the phone lines were acting wonky... again. I know they have a new building, and there's still construction- but this is getting beyond annoying. Their clinic still has more pro's than my old one, and I still love my doctor... but it was an annoying day.

We were there like an hour to get in for my ultrasound, and after that we had to get the blood work- so back to the lobby we went. The whole time I kept averting my eyes from the very pregnant, very about to pop, receptionist/nurse. When did she get pregnant? my god. I never ever noticed- probably because we usually get to go right back to the ultrasound, and she never gets up from behind her desk- she's due in September, so it happened sometime after our last miscarriage... Just... wow.

I should go back on the 8th for my mid-cycle... I was sort of rushed out after everything, despite my extended waiting time, so we didn't actually get that scheduled. I have to call back today and do that. Probably when I get off work, since that's where I am right now. Can't wait to get home and get some sleep- but I do need to make some phone calls, order my HCG, get appointments set up, etc...

Another annoyance is that I'm on the hunt for a new ob/gyn for my yearly pap. See, I stopped seeing my old doctor for infertility when I switched to my old RE... and I didn't bother telling him, I just switched and stopped going after I was told I had ovulated (and I had in fact not, my P4 was only 1.4 that cycle). Also he handled my first miscarriage, and his staff was absolutely ignorant about infertility, anovulation, and miscarriages. Not very good bedside manner. My last pap I didn't have to see him, thank goodness. Of course, while I was there I found out they lost my records when they moved buildings... go figure.

If that wasn't enough though, I really want an ob/gyn who is in the same city as me. For now. Unfortunately none of the ones here are very well educated, some think they sub-specialize in infertility and reproductive disorders (by "sub-specialize" they mean they have "interest" in it, and have no real knowledge) The reviews online seemed to confirm these worries. But, I won't be seeing them for my PCOS, I'll be seeing them for just my pap... so does it really matter?

For me... I think it does. I mean they don't need to be a specialist, since that's unreasonable because they aren't specialist in that area, but I want someone who isn't ignorant either. My last doctor was more inclined to think I had something wrong with my pituitary gland, without any testing, and said that I only had mild PCOS (even though testing indicated this clearly). Umm, that sounds very scientific doesn't it? I want someone that is not going to offer their services thinking that they know better than my RE, or disagree with my RE's treatment plans and testing because I trust her and I know she knows her stuff, and I don't want someone who's going to say that I don't have PCOS- because all my testing says I do.

I don't know if any of that makes sense... I only have to see this person once a year, and will most likely see their nurse practitioner anyway- so it shouldn't be such a big deal, but it is. I know that if I ever got pregnant with a viable pregnancy (which feels impossible at this point) but if I did, I would be hunting down a totally different doctor anyway. So I don't know why I'm making this such a big deal, but there you have it.

I'm about to just point to a name in the phone book and give them a call, I swear.

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Hoping you find an ob you feel comfortable with.

Kristin said...

Sorry you got stuck waiting for such a long time. I'm hoping this cycle holds some wonderful surprises for you.