Sunday, July 25, 2010


After a long talk last night we made some new plans. Still saving money for adoption (not making much progress right now due to some medical bills, but once those are paid off we should be making more progress). But instead of doing the monitored Femara next cycle we are going to ask for an unmonitored Clomid cycle.

We decided we do not want to take a break just yet, mostly because I just had that ovarian drilling done. Any benefits from that only last 6 months to a year, with it getting less effective the further out you get from it. That surgery is not meant to be redone, and it was a lot for me to go through. I don't want to waste any of it's effects, and we're almost 5 months out from it now. Also, I do not ovulate on my own. Which means no chance of having a baby at all on my own... I'm pretty much my own birth control. So while I'm not getting pregnant on treatments right now, at least I have a chance. We don't want to give that chance up just yet.

My husband really wants to keep doing the Femara because I'm responding to it so well- he wants to make the most of whatever cycles we can get now, because we're both so used to me not responding at all. This is something new for us. We've had four tries to get pregnant this year. To put this in perspective... our first year trying to conceive we didn't have any tries, at all, because I didn't ovulate once. We then sought fertility treatments. Our second year I ovulated three times. Third year, I ovulated twice. Four months into our new year of trying to conceive, and I've ovulated four times. Four times in four months! That is a record my friends. Even when I was younger and cycling on my own, I only got my period every 2-3 months. For once, I'm actually responding to treatments and ovulating. No wonder he's getting his hopes up too.

I talked him into the unmonitored Clomid. It'll be a nice reprieve. If the doctor will let us do this, anyway. We know this has worked in the past, because my second pregnancy was from an unmonitored Clomid cycle. We won't have as much pressure because of no monitoring, I can chart ovulation by basal body temperature to see if I respond (which, there's no guarantee that I will), and it will also save us some money. That's my logic at least.

After that we will do 2-3 Femara cycles. And after that, we decided to take a break from November until March. A break would be nice; it would give me time to focus solely on my weight loss and not trying to conceive, time to just recharge, and we don't really want to drive an hour through the snow and ice for monitoring another winter. After the break we will re-evaluate, and most likely try Femara and/or Clomid again.

Plans may change again, but that's where things stand right now. New cycle should be starting tonight or tomorrow, I had a major temperature drop in my basal body temperature today. We'll see what my doctor says about our plans. And I guess we'll go from there.


Kristin said...

I'm sorry life/this weekend seemed to be such a crapfest. I really hope a bit of sunshine breaks through for you soon.

Celia said...

It sounds like a good plan to me boo. TTC in the winter sucks anyway because you get sucked into the "Christmas Miracle" every damn year. We are waiting till March too.

PFM said...

sounds like a graet plan. It must feel good to have things worked out in your mind.

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Making plans does provide comfort, doesn't it?

Heather said...

I completely understand what you mean about how exciting it is that your body is responding to treatments and ovulating regularly! That really changes things doesn't it? Great idea to make a plan and have a focus...Good luck with this next cycle!

janis said...

You sound incredibly focussed, I am so sorry the last time did not work out and sending triply strong possible vibes your way now!! xo