Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why I think I have PCOS, and my doctors are butt munches.

A history of my craptastic reproductive history:

I started having periods at 15, at random intervals.
They were heavy, clotty, and sooo random.
I mean every couple of months random.

I started gaining weight at 16, rapidly. In my midsection mostly. Not my thighs, butt, or arms/legs. Nope, my belly got huge.

I started growing unwanted hair at 16. Facial hair, on my toes, etc... Very annoying. By the time I was a high school senior I was the only 17 year old girl I knew with a mustache.

I started getting 'bacne', plus acne on other parts of my body.

I started growing skin tags.

My period started taking longer intervals of absence.

BCP solved all my problems.

I go off BCP, and suddenly AF is all over the place again within a few cycles.
Then she disappears completely.

I do research, think I may have PCOS.

I go to doctor, stop TTC (Not like I was really trying, I was just feeding my own delusions.) I go on BCP for a few cycles. This doctor suggests I have PCOS based on my appearance, she has PCOS and is familiar with the signs.

I've been treating my problem as if it is PCOS since then, because it fits the glove.

I have been anovulatory for 1 year and 1 month by the time I magically ovulate after stopping BCP. It always regulates me for one to two cycles coming off of it.

I get pregnant at this time, and miscarry.

I go on with being anovulatory.

Get infertility blood work with a new doctor, find out my FSH at 5.4 and my LH at 11.2. Hmmm.

Here, I'll lay out my results, in case someone with more knowledge than me would like to analyze and relay their findings to me:

LH-11.2 (Seems high, especially compared to the FSH.)
T4-0.8 (This seems on the low side.)

Yet I am not "officially" diagnosised with PCOS.
I am not "officially" diagnosised with anything except infertility.
Have not been checked for insulin resistance, but sure plan on doing it soon.

My new doctor fails to mention his concerns of PCOS with me.

So I had one that wanted to write it off as PCOS without testing, and another who wants to test for stuff but not write it off as anything?

I am on my second round of Clomid.
Didn't respond to 50mg. I'm on CD17 and haven't responded to 100mg yet.
Fun fun.

Next step, a new doctor?
Maybe more Clomid, maybe Femara.
Maybe Metformin.
Who knows.

Maybe the 100mg will work and I'll ovulate, get pregnant, and not have to worry about it all... HA ha ha ha. Good joke, I know.

You know what else I know?
Doctors are butt muches.


G said...

Fuck that!

Metformin - I went to clock work like periods and no more adult pimples (well, the occassional stress ones). I am 2000mg

Clomid - before my uterine septum resection it didnt thin my lining, so I was fine and got pregnant and lost the baby solely because of the septum.

Honestly hun, I think you have enough of the symptoms to be diagnosed with PCOS. You dont need ALL to be diagnosed, just some, that hormone level alone, plus the hirutism, come on.

Go back, be your advocate. Check out soulcysters.net, great group, get more info, go back to your doc and tell them to give you met and clomid/or femara.

Good luck, dont hesitate to email me if you need me to punch some throats.

PS - you do not need IR to have PCOS either. I dont have IR. Not that I am the expert, I just think you deserve to have a proper consideration.

janis said...

I have no experience or enough knowledge of PCOS, but if you're in doubt, certainly seek alternate opinions. Really, doctors are NOT infallible! Go with your gut. Good luck!!

Penny said...

wow, that's like, hands-down PCOS if I've ever heard it.

Hope that doc gives you the met.