Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thanks for nothing?

I had blood drawn at the beginning of June to check my hormone levels.
Yesterday I found out that the lab never sent my results to my doctor.
Go figure.

So, after all that my doctor gets the results. They tell me that the results are all "normal." I request copies for my own records.

I get my hands on them...
and my LH is a little high, especially in comparison to my FSH.
This points to possible PCOS (Which I have already been told I may have. So this further says, "Hey, this could explain everything.")
The doctor put "?PCOS" by my LH results.

That's it.

Maybe I need a new doctor.

I mean, I'm on Clomid so that would be one of the first steps if I have PCOS anyways. So I don't feel like I've lost time in my treatment, but I don't understand why my doctor can't be more forthcoming. Why can't he just say, "This does seem a little off." and finish diagnosing me. My insurance covers diagnosis, just not treatment.

Yeah... might just need another doctor.

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G said...

I have PCOS based almost solely upon inverted LH/FSH ratios (and 3 times in my life my period was irregular).

I'm on metformin and clom00d (well femara now this cycle).

I know, just what you wanted to hear, all about G... :)

Now I need to look back through your blog and see your other signs pointing to it.