Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show and Tell

I've saw other people's show and tells before, but never participated... so I am going to give it a try right now. Curious about show and tell? Check out this blog.

I lost my baby in May, I had a really hard time dealing with it. It took me a year to get that positive pregnancy test, and a week to lose it. I shut off, I broke down.

A few weeks later we found out my grandmother's cancer had come back in the form of a tumor next to her heart. They said she could live another year. A couple of days later I found out the cancer had also spread to her liver. They gave her a couple of months to live. The next day she was in a coma, a couple of days later she had passed from this world.

The month started out with me losing my child, and ended with me losing my grandmother.
I was hysterical at the end of the month. I was screaming at god, "Please, please! Why can't this month end. I don't want to lose anyone else, why can't it just end."

I was getting scared that it wouldn't end.

I bought a tree in memory of my baby, my lost one. At my grandmother's funeral I was given a lily plant, from her service. I planted the tree, and a few weeks later the lily plant was still in it's pot. It was dying. The tree was dying. Their leaves were drying up, withering, falling off.

I was losing everything all over again.

I planted the lily with my tree, I figured if it was going to die it would go down fighting.

I would give it a chance.

And soon I found hope.


These leaves sprouted from the base of the tree.

And the lily plant perked right back up too.


If they're willing to keep fighting, so am I.


Kristin said...

That is a beautiful story. Sometimes it is really hard to keep going. I'm glad you found the will to keep fighting.

G said...

Resilience is a beautiful thing, even if it hurts in the making.

Go tree and lily!

butterflyanla said...

hope is a beautiful thing. This is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. Lovely show and tell.

Delenn said...

That is such a wonderful story. How wonderful to watch the tree and lily help each other to keep growing and living.

Stacie said...

I am so sorry for your losses. While giving in and giving up seems so tempting, I am glad that you found the hope to keep on fighting. Praying that it gets a little easier to do so each and every day.

Keep fighting little tree and lily!

Lee said...

Grow plants grow!

via Mel's Snow and Tell

Cassandra said...

Thanks for sharing your photos and story. What a beautiful thought, your baby and grandmother remembered together, helping you keep fighting.

Congrats on your first Show and Tell!

janis said...

I hope they keep going. sometimes the most amazing things can happen... when we least expect them.