Saturday, August 16, 2008


I got my prescription of Metformin filled today.

I took the first dose earlier... and other than a little intestinal issues I feel great. I'm not to worried about the intestinal issues right now. I get those off and on, my body freaks out sometimes. Seriously. When I get too stressed out I get physically ill. I don't think that's normal, but it is for me, soooo. The intestinal issues the Met is causing is very similar to my bodies induced discomforts, so I am thinking that I can handle it. We shall see.

Just thought I'd share this: I just jumped and gasped while typing this because one of my cats walked up behind me and started licking my leg for no apparent reason. What a little oddball.
Do your pets ever do weird things like that? Or is it just mine?


butterflyanla said...

Lucy, my oldest black lab, will randomly walk up to you, lick you and then walk away. I sometimes wonder if she is testing to see if we taste good enough to eat yet. White carbs, and fats are major triggers for metformin "issues", I have found staying away from these helps.Good Luck!

Penny said...

I've heard the met gives you the runs in general. Does not sound like fun.

My cats do not lick me, but they do bulldoze their way onto my lap when I am at the computer. They're attention whores.