Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I finished our costumes and tried to take some photos. I know I already showed off and described some of the work, but here's a final recap!

First, allow me to introduce to you... THE TENTH DOCTOR.


This shot was just perfect, I loved it. He was chasing me around trying to poke my sensor balls and the camera with his sonic screwdriver. Ahhhh!

The costume inspirations came both from my love of Doctor Who, and the way we always jokingly refer to V as our little tenth Doctor. He plays with his hair all the time, and always has it sticking up ridiculous. Doesn't matter if I brush it, he likes to toy with that mess. He also gets the weirdest most intense facial expressions.

So I took a thrift store coat, and suit, then loosely followed patterns until I got them down to toddler size. It was a nightmare. No lie. My motto has been, "Costumes just need to look good from a distance." And I lived by it.

I bought the sonic screwdriver torch new, and the shoes... but he is totally wearing them all the time now. He really loves playing with the screwdriver. I didn't take a new picture of his cyberman bucket because while cute, it did not withstand a night of begging at the zoo. I used spray paint on hand to paint it silver, and it would have been better to have used something that adhered to plastic better. The paint was chipping off all over, so that sucked! It also got a hole in the bottom by the end of the night. Oh well, it was cute for photos while it lasted! He has a regular jack-o-lantern now and he loves that thing.

Okay, next... me! EXTERMINATE! Or rather, FEMMINATE!

I made the dress from a pattern and re-purposed the hat from one my mother found at a yard sale. Sensors are clear plastic Christmas ornaments spray painted (on the inside) and sewed on. I actually broke one at the zoo starting the car up... sad. I should have took the dress off first, I had a shirt and pants under it and did that for the drive anyway. Ugh. It was cold though and I wanted to start getting it warmed up as quickly as possible. I have spares, so I can fix it at least.

I only wore the shoes for the photo and effect, I can't wear those things anymore with my heel issues (only sneakers with insoles for me, I'm afraid.) Not as pretty as these babies though! I had the cardigan and gloves already, and got the pants because I wanted leggings. The weather here is unstable at this time of year anyway, so it worked out well! The black trim at the bottom of the dress is actually for inserting the hula hoop for a hoop skirt, which is way more Dalek-esque, but I forgot to grab it for the photos! Oops!

This is my husband as the 4th Doctor. Much simpler! A thrift store outfit, hat and wig too, then hot glued the wig to the hat all cut up for better fit... it worked! We already had the scarf since I bought it for him as a birthday present. 

All in all, everything was a pain in the ass (for sure) but soooo worth it. I doubt I could do this every year, but I at least got to do it this once... and that is awesome. I had fun, I love how everything turned out, and I made a wonderful memory.


Anonymous said...

All of them are awesome!

Rebecca said...

I love Doctor Who. Great work on the costumes.

blueeyedtawni said...

Love the costumes :D

Sadie said...

You guys are a tiny little bit my absolute heroes right now. Wonderful costumes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You guys look amazing!