Monday, October 21, 2013

Geekery ahead- Costume Updates

Welcome to my Doctor Who themed Halloween Geekfest!

I've been working on our Halloween costumes and having a ton of issues with V's. You'd think having him go at the 10th Doctor would be easy, but alas... it's not. I have to work on the suit today, and finish the coat. The coat looks alright for a costume, meaning from a distance. Up close it looks pretty rough, and the inside is awful, but it'll do! I took a coat pattern and then disassembled a thrift store trench coat for this. His suit will be a disassembled reassembled suit. He also has a cheap sonic screwdriver flashlight, so that's fun!

A's costume, as the 4th Doctor, was easier. He had the scarf (birthday present) but needed the hat, coat, and clothes. We found a wig and hat at the thrift store, but for proper fit/look I had to cut the wig up and hot glue it to the hat. We also got him a coat and some slacks, while not exact it's going to be close enough.

V's trick or treat bucket is a Cyberman head now. I was originally going to do a K9 bag, but I got lazy last minute. I bought this bucket at the thrift store, spray painted it, and then drew the face on it. I think it'll be easier for V to use anyway, since he won't need to open it. Plus he LOVES buckets right now. We bought him some for summer, and a jack'o'lantern one for play (loves jack'o'lanterns right now too), and he just carried those around the house all the time. It should be good!

My costume is coming along nicely- the Dalek dress! I made the dress from a pattern, with clearance fabric (yay), then took plastic Christmas ornaments, spray painted them on the inside, and bore holes through them and stitched them on. Not the best job, but again... it'll do! I just need to work on accessories- planning on a little fascinator or something. I'm a little miffed, I was trying to find electric tealights for the fascinator- specifically ones that give off a white light- but so far have accidentally bought orange and yellow ones... you would think those would be labeled for light color, but no. So I guess no lights for my fascinator top.

I went to the zoo for their Halloween thing last weekend and had V wear a back up costume. My mom had picked him up a tiger costume at a yard sale for only 25 cents; score! The kids at the zoo loved it, he got lots of comments. We're planning on going again next weekend, all in costume. Hopefully it won't be too cold! I bought some black pants to go under my costume, but I'll probably still need my coat. Best laid plans and all that, ha! Oh well.

V sometimes says "Trick or Treat" so we're still working on that. It's really cute when he does though. Practice for the big day, right? Halloween is my second favorite holiday, so taking him trick or treating is one of those things I've always dreamed of doing with my kids someday... I'm pretty excited. If you couldn't tell. Ha!

So that's my costume update! I need to whip his suit together this week, and downsize the tie I found, make my accessory, and that should be it. I feel like I've been working on this forever, but at least it's coming together now.