Monday, October 7, 2013

And the race is on!

I discussed everything with Dr. M and she told me not to worry about it, and that she's going to work with me here. I've had just spotting since stopping my birth control pills but my lining checks out as thin, no cysts, so we are good to go!

The plan is to start stimming tonight at 225iu, and I come back on Saturday. She wanted to do Friday, but no one is going to be in our branch that day (my clinic has 4 branches in the state now). Soooooo... Saturday it is.

Hoping for a good response, but not an overwhelmingly good response.

I'm so anxious over my first injection, you'd think this was my first time. Geesh.

Other than that, my nose is still congested and I've had a headache off and on... but I'm feeling a bit better, so that counts for something. A is planning on taking some vacation time next week, so we can just relax and get through this. So that's good. It'll be nice to have some help with V while I nurse my sore ovaries, as I'm sure they will be (whether we get to trigger or not).

This week is going to be a long one though as we wait to see what's happening. I'll get through it though! I'm sure there are a few tasks around the house that need my attention. Like the ceiling fan I've been meaning to install, the canvas collage I meant to do, or the costumes that need worked on... so you may see some craft updates while I kill time! Ha.


Rebecca said...

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

WOO!!!!!! Okay, so can you explain how the injects work? When you say 225iu, is that how much you take every day, or is that the total you'll take between now and Saturday? :)

AnotherDreamer said...

Sure thing Jessi :) I may make an addition blog post to explain the process too! I will be taking 225iu a day (really expensive golden juice, let me tell you!) because I'm really resistant to medications. So, while some women may do 75iu a day, I have to take 3x that. Since we know what dose does the best for me, we usually stim for 7-8 days total. The dose may get adjusted after each ultrasound and estrogen draw.

So as of right now, I'll be injecting 225iu each day until Saturday, so 5 days. At which point we will check out the ovaries and my estrogen level to see if I need to up or decrease my dose (we'll probably have to dial it back, given my previous response). Then we'll come back for another scan, when will depend on how things look Saturday.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :) This is my 5th cycle with injects, so I sometimes forget to explain things! I am always open to questions though!

Sadie said...

The very best of luck with this cycle! I hope today goes wonderfully and that your follicles cooperate.

Thank you for all the support over at my blog. It's such a tricky time, but knowing your story and the happy ending you got in V is a gigantic source of hope for me. I so much appreciate your presence.