Friday, October 25, 2013

Update, sort of-

So I still a cold obviously, you know... pfft to that. But I'm starting to have some abdominal discomfort again too, whenever I sit/get up, which is unusual- with V's cycle it went away after a few days and didn't come back. But I also had complete corpus luteum and progesterone failure with him, despite having had 6-7 mature follicles. Maybe it was system overload. This time I had 3 for sure mature, and 3 14s that could have caught up by trigger (but no way to know), plus lots of itty bitties. My ovaries are probably still pretty ginormous. I'm still having tugging/pulling feelings from down there when I move certain ways, especially when I blow my nose. Even if I don't get pregnant, I assume I'm going to have large cysts afterward like I do on most injectable medication cycles. 8dpo now, so it won't be much longer. I already checked and the trigger is out of my system.

V is still pretty sick. He had started sleeping better, but last night was a total failure. Poor kid. I was really wanting to take him back to the zoo for their Halloween thing again, he really loved all the jack-o-lanterns, plus this is the absolute last weekend for their dinosaur exhibit; he really loved it. Last weekend he kept yelling, "Dino," and pointing them out, roaring... it was great. At least we went last weekend before he got sick. It's probably why he got sick anyway, ha.

Our costumes are DONE. Well, done enough... or should I say that I am done messing with then? I will post a photo once we all get dressed up. V is really opposed to me putting anything on him, even the coat! No idea why, I put coats and stuff on him all the time. It's like he knows I want it, so he doesn't- toddler retaliation at it's finest. I'll get him eventually, trick or treat is almost upon us! I think they all turned out pretty good. I just have one final thing I want to do to my hat, and if I can't make it happen... well, I'll live. I'll just be a little bummed out!


Rebecca said...

Remaining hopeful that soon you'll be pregnant. said...

i hope the discomfort subsides! I can't wait to see the costumes :) Good luck in 2 mornings :)

Sadie said...

I'm just catching up on my blog reading and feel like I've missed a lot! I'm so hoping this is the cycle for you...I don't have experience with medicated cycles, obviously, but I'm hoping all that discomfort is actually a good sign. Fingers (and everything else) crossed!

V looks adorable as a little tiger; I can't wait to see the family themed costumes! I just love Hallowe'en.

Celia said...

Now I'm just flat out stalking you.