Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So, the monitoring appointment went well. I had a 25 on the right, and a 21 and 17 hanging out on the left. Not too shabby! My lining was only 7.5mm though, despite the estrogen. I think my dose was really low though, so that's something I'll be bringing up to Dr. M later. Still, it was thicker than last cycle- so it's something.

We triggered today subcutaneously, which we normally do intramuscular... not sure how I feel about that. Yeah the jab isn't going to leave me as sore, but I know intramuscular absorbs better. They said that's how they order it when you plan to do it at home... not sure why, but something I may bring up next cycle (assuming there's a next cycle). That's the first time I've had to give myself a shot in two years. It felt... weird.

A isn't feeling well, so that has my hopes pretty low this go around. Not impossible, but on the one cycle we did IUI and he was ill, his count was abysmal. Like he normally had 40-90mil for our IUIs, and only had 8mil that cycle. Maybe his illness won't affect his count, I mean you never really know (especially since we aren't doing IUI, so literally in the dark here) but I'm not going to be overly optimistic either. Trying to stay grounded!

So, the two week wait begins. I'll probably ovulate tomorrow or the next day, but I'll be checking with temps to be sure. Then progesterone, and more waiting.

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Rebecca said...

"It has long been believed that sperm take 90 days (3 months) to be made and ejaculated. Dr. Turek recently discovered and published that in fact this time frame is actually much shorter. Sperm develop in the testicles for 50-60 days and are then excreted into the coiled ducts of the epididymis and complete their maturation for another 14 days."

So think back that many days to figure out his health.