Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It's really beautiful out today. And hot. Happy May Day! I do believe it's spring. V and I took a 3 mile walk around town. I tried to take him to the park down the street, but the only thing he can do there is swing... and the infant swing has been removed, because it was broken. No idea if that's coming back either. Eh, it was nice to get out of the house and I needed the exercise. So it was all good.

The cat is finally eating and mending. Huzzah! It took some salmon flavored (had to be salmon, picky as hell even at death's door) wet cat food and a few days of antibiotics, but I think he's pulling through. Now I just need to schedule his surgery and get that underway.

I rescheduled my monitoring ultrasound for CD12, which is next Wednesday. It'll be with the RE I didn't much care for, but it's just one check (I think I can manage). Really hoping I manage to respond again, and the Estradiol helps with the lining issues.

I'm still fuming about the insurance crap and trying to figure out budget and what the rest of the year will hold for us. If we don't get pregnant, obviously we'll be saving everything we can towards injectables. (I know, I know- I sound so optimistic about this cycle and the next!) With the dose I needed previously it'll be about one month's wages for one cycle, so we're planning with that in mind. Hopefully we'll be able to skate by with a lower dose though. I responded really well last inject cycle (almost too well) because of the ovarian drilling or who knows what, so being a lower weight and still post-OD and everything, who knows? I'm still going to budget with my worst response in mind. I can always hope for better.


Celia said...

Here's to hope!

Rebecca said...

Have you tried eating phyto-estrogen foods? Just a thought, though in all likelihood you've tried that too.

Hoping that the cycle works.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay to bedroom kitty getting better! Woohoo!

Boo to f'in insurance. :( I'm so sorry you couldn't switch it up this cycle. But maybe the extra estradiol is just what you'll need to make this cycle the one!

ousoonerchick said...

Thank you so much for always having something encouraging to say. I hope you US is awesome and you e got lots of eggs!!

Stinky said...

wouldn't be a cat if it wasn't picky, right?

Hoping for better with you, and some extra spondoolies to spend on goodstuff instead of injectables