Sunday, May 19, 2013

The wait-

10dpo and still holding strong. Ish. I've been rather crampy this TWW, so hope keeps creepin' in.

I hate that.

Still trying to find distractions. Video games help. I probably should take some of that anxiety out on the treadmill... I've been slacking there. Big time. Not good!

We did go to the drive-in on Friday, and we enjoyed the new Star Trek. It was a pretty nice night. V was mostly well behaved for the movie, playing with his toys and snacking. I don't know if we'll try that very often this summer though, whew. He did get a little rowdy, but that's to be expected.

We went to the zoo today, but A had an episode while we were there. Between the heat and the crowds it probably wasn't the best idea with the issues he's been having.  The meds they put him on help some, but they aren't working that great. Maybe it'll take a bit longer to kick in? I don't know.

So we left early. We took V to the Dino exhibit first, which is why I wanted to go today. He enjoyed the animatronic dinosaurs. Well, until one spit water in his face. That did not go down well! Up until then, he was loving it though. He was really excited to pet the "dinosaur" one of the workers was holding. It was a puppet, just FYI (Shhh, don't tell!) He was really tickled about that though, reached right out! He smiled at the roaring ones, and just looked at me like "Mom, do you SEE this?!" He's really into Dinosaurs right now. He has a walking/roaring toy dragon that he opens the mouth of and goes "Rawr!" and kisses. Dragon. Dinosaur. Close enough for him, ha.

Anyway... hopefully tomorrow will pass quickly. I want to test then, but part of me says to hold out until Tuesday. I know I can't do that though. I have no willpower anymore. It's sad. Tomorrow it is. Hopefully evening, rather than morning. I usually have better results then.


Rebecca said...

Hoping you get good news on the test tomorrow.

Chrissie said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Shelby said...

Too cute. I consider dragons and dinosaurs to be close cousins. Except for that one of them is actually mythical thing, but anyhoo...
I'd love to see the Star Trek movie. I'm a Next Generation girl myself (let's get some Picard back on the screen!), but I loved the last one.

Hoping that crampy means good. Not to plant too many more mind f*s, but it's always meant something for me (in the very least, the opposite of a BFN). Holding out for you!

aryanhwy said...

It's amazing how early kids develop specialized interests. I once knew an 18 month old who could name all the dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History in DC, though he could hardly say any other words. Gwen has a toy dragon and dinosaurs show up in her picture books, but she never gives them a second glance -- she's all about the mammals.

Good luck on waiting to test/testing.