Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hemming and hawing-

It's only 5dpo... right now time exists in a vacuum.

In my need for distraction, I walked to the library again and got some books. It's good exercise, and really in this town where else would I go? I got three books, in anticipation of all the rain this week. Hopefully they'll help pass the time.

I don't think we're doing another cycle next month. I mean, we'll try on our own, but I don't think we're going to use meds. Maybe we will, but without monitoring. I just keep waffling about it. We'll do it. We won't. We will. We won't.

I don't know.

A started having some health issues this past week. The doctors are doing a lot of blood work, but they think he's having panic attacks. He's been having a lot of stress at work, and I don't think fertility treatments are helping anything there either. Which is yet another reason I think we should skip the last cycle. A really wants to keep trying though, so I don't know what we're doing.

We will. We won't. We will. We won't.

Maybe we'll get lucky and this cycle will work (with a viable pregnancy). Problem solved.

I keep saying that, but I don't really believe it will happen.

C'mon Monday.


Celia said...

SKIP. If he is feeling cruddy it will mess with his sperm. That's my vote anyhow. I am sorry he is having panic attacks. My husband started having them four years ago. He is much impoved now that he has given up caffeine and chocolate. And almost all alcohol.

Sadie said...

I'm in a similar place these days, indecisive about whether we should move forward with ART for the moment, but equally frustrated about having to wait. Ahhrg! None of this is easy.