Thursday, September 10, 2009

Working on it

My DHEA-S did indeed come back elevated, at 370. My testosterone also came back high, at 93. So, adding the Dexamethosone was a good idea. I'm glad I researched it, and that she already knew about it. I would never have been able to go on it if I had stayed with my old RE- 1. he would never have tested my levels, and if he did he wouldn't have actually looked at them, and 2. He would have brushed off my research articles and told me they were fodder.

I am hopeful that this will help some, even if it's not on this particular cycle.

So far, I haven't had much follicle growth. A few of them seem to have maybe pumped up a little, but not really. It was kind of depressing, because I started at a higher dose this time. But, it's only been three days. I suppose that there isn't usually much growth in three days, is there? Last cycle there wasn't much growth by 20 days (*grumbles*) But we're not going to let that happen again, so no worries. If nothing is going on, we'll just stop.

The E2 went up to 52, from 34. So, some progress there. We're upping the dose and coming back in on Sunday morning- hoping for some more progress.

My liver function levels came back down to the normal range- yay for the Metformin.

My fasting glucose was good, but borderline. So, we get to up my dose of Metformin. Ewww. I hate upping the Metformin, the gastrointestinal effects suck- but I'll do what I need to.

Not all my clotting panel is back yet, but one did come back a little abnormal- it's clotting heterozygous PAI-1. With this gene, I have one normal and one abnormal (4g 5g)? So, while this may cause a problem, it might not. As a precaution I was told to start taking a low-dose aspirin a day.

My doctor actually called me and talked about these with me, so that was a nice change. I got to ask all my questions, and she took time to answer them. It was just really, really, nice. At my old REs I would talk to the nurse, she would talk to him and call me back, and we'd play tag.

So, that's something I guess. Still waiting for the rest of the testing to come in, and until then I will just shoot up with the hormones and see what happens.


G$ said...

My e2 on day 3 was 72 on 300 Follistim and 84 on 400 follistim. So I think your numbers are ok, if I compared them to mine. I was a slow starter and was told slow and steady wins the race. I ended up with 28 follies retrieved on the last round, so yah.

This doc sounds full of awesome. It makes me feel better. ha, its about me, right?

Another Dreamer said...

G$, I love you- just thought I'd tell you that :)

I'm glad you like her better, so do I. I should have listened to you sooner, but I really didn't think I had any other options... I didn't know they started another clinic in the area. Regrets, regrets!

Shelby said...

It is so awesome that you have this new RE. It makes a world of difference, doesn't it? I think IF is as much detective work as CSI and I'm so glad she's treating it as such. Best of luck as you go forward!

WiseGuy said...

Reading Metformin on a blog post makes me go peeky ....

Am amazed at the whole battery of tests you are undergoing with the new RE...hope something good comes out!

Sweet Georgia said...

Just want to echo what everyone else is saying - it's so great that you found a dr. that is willing to listen to you and work with you. My RE shot down the dex. without even really hearing me.

Cara said...

finally making some headway!! So glad for you!

MK said...

That's so cool that Dr. J actually called you. It's like she's too good to be true! :)