Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lovenox and OHSS-

So my OHSS is pretty mild, but it sucks. I'm chugging Gatorade and trying to get plenty of protein. I'm trying to take it easy, but sometimes my ovaries get twisted the wrong way in their massive state which hurts and ques worries over ovarian torsion. Fun times. I'm bloated and it's tender, when I have to use the bathroom everything starts competing for space and it causes pain. I've gained 5lbs since trigger, but it looks like a hella lot more. I don't mind the appearance, let people think I've regressed on my weight loss (which I have, obviously) but my pants don't button. I could force them, but then we run into problem #2- My lovely Lovenox bruises. And I'd be in SO MUCH PAIN.

Liquid gold, but also torture in a syringe. The first few injections were easy enough but as the space has filled with bruises, needles don't want to go in, and increased sensitivity to everything that touches it... well, they haven't been going smoothly. Allow me to present exhibit A- I put my thumb there for scale reference. This baby is on the left side of my belly button, at the waistline... it's darker than in the photo, and yes... it hurts as bad as it looks.
Exhibit B- Here's what the other side looks like:

The things we do for love and hope.

Between these two issues though, I had to buy some more loose things to wear around the house. We hit up the thrift shop and I had no luck with stretchy skirts (winter anyway, brr) or pajama pants... so I said screw it and bought some maternity pants. The stretch is perfect for my tender belly. I got a few things, and was pretty happy about that. At the same time, I'm just over 6 weeks pregnant and I have in the back of my mind, "please don't let this jinx things." But damn, I can't go around with my pants held up with a hair tie- it still digs into my belly that way, it's just not as bad. I had to do something.

Here's to hoping I get to use them for the long haul, eh? And that this is all worth it in the end. Please please please... I hope the 25th comes here swiftly and brings good news with it.


Celia said...

I hope you feel better soon. Would maybe some arnica help? I don't know if that is approved while pregnant but I do know it is supposed to work like magic on bruises.

My body is so effed from the two c-sections that I kept some maternity pants in rotation. SHAME. truth. Maternity pants are the best damn pants in the world for PCOS. Screw regular pants. I totally hid from maternity tops like it was the bogeyman. Because I'm paranoid. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Those bruises!!! I hope you feel relief from that soon. I miss maternity pants so much...

Sadie said...

Oooh, friend those are might big bruises. But yes, the things we do for love :)

I think you are so brave to have gone shopping for maternity stuff. I really can't comfortabley wear any of my trousers anymore, but I'm too afraid still to do anything about it. You've inspired me!

And you know what, it reall will be worht it in the end. Sending so much hope your way. xo

Anonymous said...

I am stalking you. ;) Update?! I know there might not be much going on, but quietness scares me! Hope you're doing well.

Nepsi said...

I came across your blog. Not sure if you are still on the lovenox but if you press the injection site firmly for a full 5 mins after the injection it does cut down on the bruising. My hematologist told me about this after my entire first pregnancy which I was a patchwork of bruises. It does work better than not pressing though I get bruises sometimes now but not nearly as bad. No bare belly pregnancy photos for me.