Sunday, April 12, 2009


My health insurance is changing next month.

Normally, this wouldn't be to much of a worry, except that I'm supposed to wait until April 20th to start the Prometrium. And then I may have to wait almost two weeks to start a new cycle! And then my HSG would fall in May, with my new mystery insurance. Yeah, we don't even know who A-s work is going through yet. Fantastic.

So... I started the Prometrium last night. If I'm lucky I can get the HSG done before the month is over. I only started it a week early...

I hope my RE's office will be okay with that.

I'll give them a call tomorrow, but... this is just frustrating.
I am very grateful that I have health insurance; but A-s work changes every single year, always trying to find something cheaper. I hate it. And last year? They didn't even tell us until a whole week after it had changed. At least they gave us a little warning this time.

Still. Doesn't change anything.


I hate Easter. Don't think me evil, but I am not religious. I am not Christian to celebrate Chist resurrecting, I am not Pagan to celebrate the goddess sailing down the river on an eggshell, no. I am not religious. I am spiritualist, and I am all for Easter egg hunts, I think they're great for the kids, but... I have no children.

Going to my mother's each Easter, well, it's simply so I can see my nephews and nieces. This presents it's own issues within me. A- and I, we're the odd ones out. We were the only childless people at the apartment. While they're all talking to each other about parenting issues, school technicalities; we're just nodding, and murmuring, unh huh, mmmm, understandable... And feeling the sting from being excluded, are voices being discounted because we have no children. We can't possibly understand how trying kids can be, we don't have any. No way.

Guess who had to hide the Easter eggs? You guessed it; us. It's not like we had children to get coats or shoes on.

I'm not trying to be bitchy, or whiney, or anything.
It just always leaves me a little depleted when we leave.
That's all. Just another reminder, in a long line of reminders.


Celia said...

I volunteered to work today. No regrets. Now I am home with the cats watching Oceans 12 and thinking about some chips and dip. Any holiday is made worse by damn infertility. It's like a whole day dedicated to reminding you IN ALL CAPS of what you are missing out on.

I think your RE should understand. said...

Well, I hope that you get your cycle started and HSG done before the switch.

Festivals are such strong reminders of what we miss. Every day.

If we did not want kids, or had not been trying for it for a long time, a situation such as that, would not have mattered. But it matters now.

Kristin said...

Lots of {{{hugs}}}. Sorry you are having to deal with the insurance uncertainty and the children issues of Easter.

Just Believing said...

OMG! My husband's work change sinsurance to get " cheaper" ( useless) crap every year and this year I went in to my RE on Jan 3rd ( insurance changed at the New Year) and instead of my normal no co-pay and a bill of around $40 they tell me, your new insurance doesn't cover IF That will be $280! I was and still am soooooooo mad! I'm healthly outside of this stupid infertility crap so that essentially means our health insurance does us no good!!!


Anonymous said...

Ooh I hate changing health insurance. I always stress out over what meds they will cover and what unpleasant surprises there will be. What a pain in the ass. I hope that you are able to do the HSG this month with your known insurance. And I hope your new insurance isn't that bad of a transition.

Mr. Shelby said...

F-ing insurance companies. They are the devil for sure.

My favorite insurance issue was when we had to apply for insurance on our own since Cobra was WAY expensive and got declined because our 'infertility was an existing condition.' Oh, did I mention that it was to THE SAME insurance company/health care provider.


Cara said...

I just think it sucks that you have to plan something as important as your child around the ins co - seriously...can't they have a little compassion?

Hope it works!

Penny said...

Easter seems like a waste of time if you're not trying to make it a religious thing. A celebration centered around eggs can only go so far.

Sorry to hear about the health insurance stuff.