Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The informational session about adoption was very helpful. Hardly anyone showed up, so we were better able to get all of our one on one questions answered.

And our current decision is this: we will start the fostering/adoption training in October if we are no closer to having a biological child. If we go the fostering/adoption route, the process should take 9months, for just adoption a year. That does no include how long we'll be waiting for a placement, and that depends on which way we go. We have several months to pound out the details.


I am on cycle day 3 already... five days until my HSG. Yikes. This cycle seems to be going slow, but at the same time it feels like it's going super fast. I can't wait for things to finally slow down.


I was watching TLC and there was a show on called Ru.nway M.oms... they are pregnant models. The recruiting woman who goes around looking for models, she gives her card out to non-pregnant woman, telling them to give them a call if they ever get pregnant.

Wow, insensitive much? Especially because us infertiles are sneaky, and we can blend into the general public...

Maybe my infertile brain took it the wrong way... but I thought it was a bit tactless.


Celia said...

I used to watch that show once in a while and the business owner is SCARYCREEPYFREAKY.

Michelle said...

Im with you on that I think that is VERY TACKY!!!

Kristin said...

That show is just odd.

Glad to hear you got so many of your adoption related questions answered.

MrsSpock said...

Ick- HSG. Mine wasn't that bad, but that doesn't mean I want to repeat it...