Thursday, March 21, 2013

Killing time-

I've been killing time as best I can. Which isn't hard around here. Sometimes I wish I had more time to kill.

V is growing like a weed. He'll be 15 months next week. He has been walking and running, climbing, bypassing gates, hitting, biting, throwing tantrums... toddlerhood, we have arrived. I still call him my baby, but then I hold him... and nope, not a baby. About 27lbs of awesome right there. He's tall, with short legs. He's not chubby but he's solid.

We struggle a lot on some things. He still doesn't talk much. He doesn't call me momma or A dadda. He knows that A is dadda, because I'll say, "Where's dadda?" and he'll look for him. He did say dadda earlier while looking for A (who was at work)... he definitely loves his dadda! He doesn't say bye-bye, but he will say "Hi" and "Hey." He runs around with his toys yelling, "Aaaa riii!" (translation: All right!) and "Ohhh breee!" (translation: Oh boy!). His first words were either "Hi dadda!" or "All right!" depending on how you want to count it. He said 'bubbles' last night. Once. He just doesn't seem interested in talking right now.

Just like clapping- no interest whatsoever.

He still chases the cats, proceeds to tackle them, and lick them. Some cats let him. Ugh. I intercept them all the time. So. weird.

He's very orally fixated... when it comes to inanimate objects. Food, not so much. We still struggle with solids- he would eat pureed food forever if he got his way. He does put away lasagna though. He loves lasagna and spaghetti! Mmmm. I'll have to start making it more often, ha! He does not like jelly... among other things. Like most veggies. And fruit. And meat.

Aside from V keeping me on my toes, I got a sewing machine for my birthday (yay!) and I've been trying my hand at that. I haven't taken a home economics class in... umm... a long time. Maybe 14-18 years? I learned basic sewing in middle school and high school, but I only remember how to thread the machine and to make it go. Still, I have great ambitions. I've started on Halloween Costumes this year (We're all going Doctor Who themed! I hope. If things work out.) and I got some retro Star Trek fabric that I'm turning into a skirt. You read that right. I am a dork, and I know it. I can't sew a straight hem to save my life though... can we just pretend that it gives my work character?

No? Ah man.

I'm crocheting a baby blanket for my brother's baby that's due in July. They found out it's a boy. Some of my brother's posts on FB about that are hard because he likes to brag and make jokes about how fertile he is. Without thinking about his sisters who all went through fertility issues of one sort (me, one with a still birth, and the other with 5 years infertility that resolved with adoption). I know he doesn't think about it, and he's allowed to brag and be happy, I'm just saying that it's hard sometimes.

I'm 7dpo and I had the trigger 8 days ago. It should be out of my system by now, but I'm going to test later tonight to see.

On today's agenda: sticking to my diet (big issue of the day, ugh), jogging, crocheting some more, and finally watching The Hobbit!

As a matter of fact, V's napping now so I better go get that jog in while I can. Cheers!

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I want to sew! I just never found the time to buy one and start. Someday though..

My brother's don't understand IF either. Both had 'oops' first born sons. I don't expect them to get it but I still get worked up when they say stupid things.

Celia said...

I am thinking of you. I hopehopehope it worked and works and this time next year you send me a message saying WTF CELIA THIS IS INSANE.


Celia said...

I have a little more time, James is 18 pounds, he is a peanut. Peter clapped time ever. James claps all the time. Peter did not really talk at all til he was close to two. Then it all came at one time. You can shred zucchini and add it to the lasagna. It blends in really well. Peter never waved either. James loves to wave. I think those milestone questions are silly. They asled me today if Peter could long jump. I was like...who knows? And if he would draw a straight line if I drew one/ Again...who knows? Why would I do that? Who does that? Probably the same parents who can tell you how many diapers their kids have a day or how long they nurse for. Type A...not so much ova here.

AnotherDreamer said...

LOL, yes the questions are kind of silly. The doctor always asks about clapping, and I don't get the big deal. He does all sorts of other fine mechanical skills, like putting things together or in stuff, he drums on things, etc... So why clapping?

If they ask about crayons or drawing, that'll be a laugh. We let him try crayons one day... he scribbled a tiny but then tried to eat the crayons. Those aren't happening soon here LOL.

I always shred either carrots or zucchini to throw in lasagna :) I love it!

AnotherDreamer said...

Melissa, that's what I was always saying :) If he hadn't gotten it for my birthday, I probably still wouldn't have done anything. I'm glad he did though, it's been interesting trying to resize some of my clothes and practice on it. Hopefully I'll pick it up fast!

Rebecca said...

V is certainly keeping you busy.

Stinky said...

I hear you on the straight hems. Also a sewing machine convert here (not that I use it any more than once every month or something . . its such a learning curve!

V: such a little big boy now!!!

Enjoy the Hobbit (blanket should be finished by the end of it?)

iamstacey said...

I JUST got to see The Hobbit! Loved it! I know it's controversial that Peter Jackson is adding in material from other Tolkien works, but I like it. It seems like a creative way to work in more of the story. *end total geekiness*

My MIL is trying to teach me how to crochet. I want to make the stuff she does SO BAD but she won't teach me 'til I master the pot holder. Why can I run intricate medical machinery but I can't master the stupid pot holder??

AnotherDreamer said...

Stacey, don't feel bad! I can't seem to master a hat, even though it should be simple. I really just do baby blankets right now. I'm forever a beginner!

Oh, and I really liked The Hobbit. I had some issues watching it because I had just re-read the book, so the length and add-ins bothered me some, but overall I liked it.