Friday, March 1, 2013

Back to the grind of things-

Cycle day one today- I have a baseline scheduled for Monday with Dr. M. Hopefully my baseline will be clear and cyst free.

If it is, we may be doing Clomid CD5-9... I've only ever done CD3-7. I worry that this will delay my response, since I'm taking it later. My body usually has a delayed response anyway. I don't know. Taking it CD5-9 is supposed to have it boost your body more, and well... my body doesn't usually have anything to boost. I do have some luck after stopping birth control pills, but as the months wear on that luck runs out. Pretty quickly. I really don't want to pay for 3-4 ultrasounds out of pocket this cycle because of delayed response; they're $175 a pop. Assuming we don't have blood work done too.

A simple Clomid cycle with monitoring really adds up. I mean, it's cheaper than doing one injectable cycle, yes. But, with two ultrasounds, it's still going to be about $450 (without IUI). We could do 4-7 Clomid cycles for the price of one inject cycle... which gives us more chances. If I respond to those Clomid cycles. And I've proven to be pretty Clomid resistant in the past. I'm hoping that the BCP use, the previous ovarian drilling, hormones as under control as we can get, the weight loss, will all help me respond better. But even laying all the cards on the table in the past hasn't spelled success. It's a gamble. It always is.

I could have tried to get in on Sunday to attempt a CD3 start, but it would have been with the one RE in the practice I didn't really care for (he did our NT scan with V). Going in Monday gives me a chance to talk to Dr. M in person too, so I can talk to her about my insurance issues regarding the progesterone and about when we can start Clomid (maybe we can go ahead and start on CD4, shouldn't be a big deal), and about other stuff, and the appointment is later so no waking at 6am to get there on time... so I think it's for the best. I hope. Eh.

In other news, I've been back on my diet this week and I feel a lot better. Also back to jogging. The scale said 174.6 the other day, but it's back at 176 this morning... I'm pretty bloated and icky though, so eh. It fluctuates a lot these days. I'm still a bit congested, but I'm definitely on the mend there. I have to get some work done on my car this weekend, we have the appointment Monday, and back to the dentist on Tuesday for another cavity filling (yay). So we'll be pretty busy in the next few days... which could be a good thing.

V is walking so much now, and climbing onto things, and trying to jump off them... he's really a toddler. He throws massive tantrums all the time. He hates not getting his way. He bites, he screams, he hits his head on the floor, he throws himself backward in a fit of hysterics... fun times. It's really not that bad; I don't mind the tantrums. It's his thing right now though. I'm hoping that when it gets warmer and we can start going out more that he'll chill out. I think we're all getting a bit of cabin fever here. We do go shopping and browsing in stores on the weekends, but he wants to walk/run around and he can't really do that in a store right now... so he gets frustrated. Which is completely understandable to me. But, it's March. We're getting closer to "spring" (we've been known to get snow storms in April, but I'm being optimistic here). As soon as we get a snap of warmer weather again, outside we'll go! I can't wait.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Days 5-9 might not be the worst thing ever. I got pregnant with my son the first time I did days 5-9 (my RE's office screwed up the timing of everything....). I ovulated a week late, but obviously, it was good enough. I was on letrozole, and I know I'm not you and everyone is different.... But crossing my fingers that it'll be a good thing. It is frustrating when timing doesn't work out though...

Glad you are back into the swing of your routine and feeling better. I'm definitely ready for spring too! said...

I did Letrozole too, 3 times, days 5-9 and I got pregnant twice, the first with Ca.roline and then this pregnancy, so I don't think it's the end all especially if you respond later than most (I always did on clo.mid too, IF i responded at all).

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. Ooo the tantrums, I love this age though :) Once they can verbalize what they want too it's so much less frustrating for them.