Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Waiting on results-

Technology has made it easier for me to access my records. The lab I used lets you access results online immediately, and they'll send me an email to let me know when they're in. Technology can be wonderful sometimes. At the same time, I find myself anxious for the results and checking back for them. I've never had my AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) tested before so I'm curious where I stand. I'm not too worried about my other results- the testosterone and DHEA-S only matter as far as if I'll use Dexamethasone again with Clomid (should we go there). The prolactin, well, it was normal in the past. I know it can change, but I'm not too worried about it (hopefully that won't be my famous last words).

I did call my PCP's office and ask about my TSH levels from a few weeks ago. Back in July it was 2.53, and in December it went back up to 4.99. My PCP considers anything under 5 as normal, so I'm borderline normal for everyday purposes. My RE said she likes it to be closer to 1 when TTC/pregnant, but that she would definitely want it under 2.5 before I start TTC. I fully expect to be put back on Synthroid, but they haven't called me about starting. I'm starting to wonder if they got the results back from my PCP (they were supposed to fax them). The only reason I'm anxious about this is that I would need to start my dose and get it re-checked in a month... and if we're planning on TTC at the end of February, I'd need to start it soon. If I don't hear back from them tomorrow, I'll probably give them a call in the afternoon (or wait until Thursday).

I feel like I might be obsessing a little already, but this is sort of important. Elevated TSH levels might not make a huge difference, but they could make issues with ovulation and increase my risk of miscarriage. And I already have an increased risk of miscarriage, so I really don't want to take any chances.

I'm still taking all my medications, still working on weight loss, and I started a new BCP in the meantime (fingers crossed that I won't have breakthrough bleeding with this one). The new BCP is weird. It's not a normal tri-phasic; it has 2 pills at one dose, 5 at another, 17 at another, 2 at another, and then 2 inactive pills. Hopefully it won't mess up my prep-work for regulating my body.

I'm still struck by how much effort goes into preparing to TTC. I mean, something could come up and we might get waylaid, but here we are trying our damnedest to prepare as best we can. When we first started trying, way back in the day, it was so exciting and simple. Now it's just... eh. And definitely not simple. Things are just so different. Entering this knowing exactly what kind of hornet's nest we may be entering is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, at least I know what to expect. We're prepared, we know what we need to do, we're much more grounded, and we can start things off on the right foot. One the other hand, we know what to expect. I know how hard things can be, how difficult, and how expensive (I mean seriously, we're still 2 months away from trying and we've already racked up over $400 in expenses).

Just a lot to process. Hopefully those results will come back before the end of the week to give us a better idea of where we're going. I should know more about the Synthroid by then too.

Until then, just more waiting.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Waiting is so hard! Thank goodness for technology. Imagine what it would be like back in the day when you had to wait for appointments to get results.

Hope this new BC works. You've really had quite a time getting one that doesn't have breakthrough bleeding!

Faery Chaos said...

It's not obsessive, at least not in a bad way :)

And knowing sooner rather than later is *always* good!!

Hope things work out how you want them, and not deplete your bank account in the process, and that in the end you're happy :D

Rebecca said...

Hoping that this time around it will be easier for you to conceive.

Melis.sa said...

I do that too now! I wait to see when my results are posted online instead of waiting ages to hear back from my doctor.

Yep, TSH should be below 2.5 while TTC. :) My PCP let my TSH stay elevated for years because she didn't know that. ugh. :) HOpe all of your results are good

Stinky said...

ARGH! you know how I feel about waiting . . .
TTC is like a full-time job sometimes eh? all the mind-attention as well as the preparation and the monitoring and don't forget the DOING! You sounds well on to it though, hope the TSH gets straightened out soon, one less thing to think about