Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday pleasantry-

Today has been so laid back. I cleaned. I played with my son. I bathed him, fed him, cuddled him, and chased him around the sitting room. Sometimes there is so much perfection in simplicity. I spent so many years waiting for a birthday like this. We've had a ton of firsts this week- first hair cut, he started walking across the room, he figured out how to climb on stuff (god help us), and we stopped formula during the day.

Yesterday I got very little sleep. V decided he would rather stay up all night than rest (a result of weaning I think), and I was just exhausted. I ate 5 breakfasts- waffles, cereal, more waffles, french toast, and finally eggs over easy. I was in carb heaven. For whatever reason, when I'm sleep deprived I just eat and eat and eat. The only non-breakfast food I ate yesterday was some manicotti with zucchini wraps to replace the shells. I did get my jog in though (after a cat nap).

The scale was still nice to me today despite all that... I don't know how, but it was: 174 lbs- 5 more to go until I'm "overweight." I'll probably pay for all that tomorrow though... or in the coming weeks. I'm sure the birthday cake isn't going to help haha.

Mmm, CAKE.

We aren't really celebrating my birthday until this weekend. I have a free meal coming my way from one of my favorite restaurants (BD's Mong.olian BBQ) that I look forward to every year. What can I say? Free food calls to me. Plus, being a picky eater, this restaurant just gets me. Pick your own ingredients from the buffet, even spices/sauces, have them grill it in front of you? It's great. Anyway, we'll go out to eat, maybe window shop (Although we'll probably get something for V, because I seem to do that everywhere we go). The one thing I hate about having a winter birthday is the limited places I can go- I'd love to go to my favorite park or the zoo, but it's going to be frigid this weekend. I've had 28 years of experience with this though, so I think I'll survive! ha

Oh, and today we finally got word about A's request for a raise to compensate for the insurance increase- it was approved. THANK GOODNESS! That is such a HUGE relief. Things are starting to look a little better about this new insurance now, although the increased co-pays still frustrate me... but, no sense dwelling on it right now.

It's been a pretty wonderful birthday so far. I'm going to make homemade pizza later, and we'll probably watch a movie, V will tear up the sitting room again, and by the end of the night I'll settle in to cuddle him to sleep. That's my favorite part of the day: reading him his favorite book and snuggling until he passes out for the night. It's our time. When he gets older and starts sleeping on his own, I am going to miss that so much.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Happy happy happy birthday :-) It sounds like a wonderful day.

St Elsewhere said...

Happy Birthday, AD! That cake looks yum!

And glad for the insurance thing.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful lady. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.

Dragondreamer's Lair

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday. Mongolian grill sounds awesome. I'll have to try one out some time. said...

Happy Birthday!!

I do that too, eat when I'm tired to compensate somehow.

Congratulations on your DH's raise!! :)

Celia said...

Happy Birthday, that sounds lovely. Hahaa, two years ago on my birthday I changed seven poopie diapers. hahaa. I was like...HEY allayou here to see me, how bout taking over? lol. I love days like that. And also cake. GIRL I am so fat. I am still only getting like...two hours of sleep at a time. I have not slept through the night in 11 months. Jamie had his first hair cut today too! I am just exhausted, constantly. and eating, CONSTANTLY.

Shelby said...

Happy very belated birthday! Sounds like a great day! Awesome on the compensation for the insurance increase! And I'm sure by now you've enjoyed that birthday meal. That sounds so good.