Friday, January 18, 2013

January 2013 Weigh In-

This month I could have done better. I also could have done a lot worse. I let my cravings and the holidays get the best of me. There were two weeks where I didn't even bother tracking my calories because of holiday sweets and cake. Still, I did manage to stay on top of my exercise, and I did lose weight. It was a bit of tug and pull though, I'd lost, then regained, then lost again.

We've also been battling a seasonal bug that swept through the house. Trying to keep up with everything while sick has been difficult, but I've done my best. I made sure to meet my weekly exercise goals each week although, again, my diet has been hit and miss.

I weighed in this morning at 175.8 lbs, down from 179.6lbs last month. So I've lost about 3.8 lbs this month. I lost another inch off my waist, and an inch off my hips. So, progress!

Since March 17, 2012:
Weight lost: 51.2 lbs
Inches off hips: 11.5
Inches off waist: 11.5

Total weight lost since January 2011: 74.2 lb

I'm still on Metformin, and I've recently restarted my Thyroid medication as well. I'm going to try and focus more on my diet, since I think that's the biggest obstacle for me these days. I'm also thinking of switching out some of my walking for light aerobics with an exercise ball.

Since I started losing weight, I've seen a huge improvement in my PCOS symptoms. I don't know how much that's the increased Metformin dose though, and how much is the weight loss. At my biggest weight (250 lbs) I was on 1,500mg Metformin daily, and my symptoms were awful.  I was getting an incredible amount of skin tags, and getting dark skin patches all over. Once I increased my dose to 2,000mg (and switched to ER), all those issues started to clear up. Here in the past year, I haven't had any noticeable issues with them at all. I think the Metformin has made a huge difference, but I think the weight loss has helped as well. I still have issues with a lot of my other surface PCOS symptoms, but those two issues were by far the most prominent.

Anyway, I'm still making progress and that's awesome. I just need to stick to my guns a little better and continue to reaffirm my resolve.


Jennifer said...

You look amazing!! Nice job.

An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Yay for decreased symptoms. That is always fantastic :)

You really are looking great.

Stinky Weaselteats said...

Looking fab, hon! Inspirational stuff

Rebecca said...

Great Job!

Mrs Bishop said...

Awesome job! What's your secret ;-) You look amazing, Stephanie!!!

DJ said...

You are awesome!

Flying Monkeys said...

Don't give the credit to the met! Great job!!

KC said...

Holy cow, you are amazing!!!! I have never been succesful in weight loss you are an inspiration!

Shelby said...

Wow! You look remarkable! Please share some of the incredible will power you have over here. Good work!