Sunday, January 13, 2013

Results are in-

Honestly, they look pretty good to me. My AMH was 2, and from what I see online that's great. Prolactin was a little lower than normal, at 4.6 (should be 4.8 to 23.3 according to the lab report). My DHEA-S and Testosterone were great; they've went down a whole lot! In 2009 my DHEA-S was 370 and now it's 284.9 (should be 98.8-340). My Testosterone was 93 in 2009, and now it's 30 (should be 8-48). There were some crossed lines of communication between my fertility clinic and my primary doctor's office, but I got that all sorted out and got my TSH results where they needed to go. They were 4.99, and I've already restarted Synthroid- I get my levels retested February 7th.

I'm really surprised (in a good way) by how much my testosterone went down. I don't know exactly why it did- between the higher dose of Metformin, the ovarian drilling, and the weight loss, possibly the use of birth control pills? I think there are a lot of possible contributing factors. The fact that I'm on birth control pills when this was tested does make me worry that the results may be skewed. My DHEA-S level is lower too though, so it might not matter much, as we were testing those levels to determine if I'd need to use Dexamethasone on future Clomid/Femara cycles. I don't think birth control pills reduce DHEA-S, but I could be mistaken?

Today was my REs last day, so I don't know who will call me about the results. I still haven't scheduled a consult with a new RE either. I'm trying to wait until we get a few other things figured out. We found out last week that our health insurance (through A's work) is changing next month, and we won't know more about that until the 21st. On top of that there are some changes going on with his employer that make me nervous. All this was sprung on us after we've already begun planning and prepping for all this, so it has me very frustrated. He'll have a job- we're not worried about that- but there are a lot of unknowns with his benefits and situation just the same. I just wish we knew what was going to happen.


An Aspiring Mom-To-Be said...

Wow! Those are some drastic differences in labs from years ago. Whatever the reason, that is fantastic!

Sorry to hear about your husband's changes at work. It makes an already frustrating situation more frustrating when there is uncertainty with insurance plans/etc. said...

I bet the weight loss changed some of your test results at least in part.

I hope your dh's job doesn't affect trying to try again. It's so stressful when the provider doesn't know how things will be.

Rebecca said...

Hoping that your benefits get better.