Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I've been having issues with numbness and pain in my toes. The numbness occurs no matter what I'm doing, but more often when I'm walking/jogging/sitting with my feet propped up. I suspected it may be related to my spine, or circulation, but not being an expert I went to see my primary care physician. She believes it's related to my spine (possible nerve inflammation) because, 1) I have frequent lower back pain that can be unbearable, 2) I've had issues with spinal inflammation in the past, and 3) I have an S shaped curve in my spine due to a moderate case of scoliosis.

So, I get to take a weeks worth of steroids and my doctor had me do a couple x-rays in the meantime just to look things over again.

It's been awful when I jog, because halfway through I lose all sensation in my right toes. It comes back once I cool down and relax, but it's intermittent. Then my back hurts the rest of the night too, so while I feel invigorated from my workout, I also feel run down in general.

I really hope the steroids work.


Lissie said...

Fingers crossed that the steroids work for you! I can be so disheartening to have a setback while working out.

St Elsewhere said...

It is more than an inconvenience...I really hope the pain will disappear completely, and so will the numbness.

Peyton said...

If you haven't done so recently... I highly suggest getting new running shoes. It is best to get fitted for running shoes by an expert. If you have any issues at all you should return them. Numbness that occurs intermittently while running can be a sign of ill fitting shoes! Been there... done that... and it's no fun!

Rebecca said...

If the steroids don't work think about seeing a podiatrist. I used to see one in NY for my foot problems and it was a wonder I didn't see one before the difference it made even in my back issues.